Knowing Self As “No-Thing”

For centuries, the world has seemed bent on having us define self as an object; it has stressed (through various criteria that change with the times), that a desirable object, an intelligent object, and rich object with a blueblood family name (insert Rocker-Something-or-Other) is more appealing than the alternative (Russell). Thus, those who pretend to know what’s in our best interest, have created the materialist interpretation of the world; a world in which some souls fall into the desirable class (exclaim: “I have made it!”), while the majority fall through the human abyss (pray: “Please let it all be over!”) and land in the undesirable heap. Sadly, the majority of beings often succumb to the human “story” and try to be one of the so-called “in crowd; instead of using their precious incarnation to find their way back to Oneness. I could swear right now, but I won’t. I’ll transform that energy positively and offer a quote from Ramesh S. Balsekar and his magnificent book entitled The Ultimate Understanding later in the article.

I have never favoured an interpretation of so-called reality in which some of my spiritual brothers and sisters feel inferior due to a botched world belief system that deliberately leads us away from Truth. A Cadillac, a Ferrari, a mansion, and an in ground swimming pool can never make anyone superior to someone else. Only a person would believe such lunacy. The system is appropriately labeled judgment, and our society is rampant with it. We are not now–or ever–the sum of our name and body-mind. Desirable objects and great financial wealth are not intrinsically bad; it is only our love of money above all else that creates problems. Those who would pretend superiority are merely caught in the misguided value system which is so prevalent on Earth.

Let’s cut to the chase, and practice some discernment (not judgment) about our essential nature. All experience–whether it be of the janitor or the Wall Street Tycoon–is known by One Knower, Consciousness. We cannot have any experience without the linchpin known as Consciousness. We are “That.” We have been conditioned to believe that consciousness is personal and dependent on neural processes of the body; but such is false. A search for “the hard problem of consciousness” via the internet will verify that scientists do not know how consciousness arises. We’ve also been conditioned to believe that we are a body-mind with a certain name; such is also false. It’s simply not the Truth. It’s why Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, who was often termed the fiery sage of Bombay, stated the following: “You can only be what you are in reality; you can only appear to be what you are not.” Translation: You cannot be the body-mind. And now, the quote that saved you from my profanity at the bottom of the first paragraph:

Therefore, the only conclusion is that on object does not exist–that the ‘observed’ object is an illusion,

and the observing can only be a noumenal functioning.”

The Ultimate Understanding by Ramesh S. Balsekar

“Who Am I?” is a question (when the answer is known directly) that can take us to the depth of our essential nature. The answer is beyond words; therefore, beyond any of the false definitions with which and by which persons attempt to define themselves. Such is more aptly termed the treadmill of human existence. It’s what leads to questions such as the following: “Dear, do you think a solid rhodium toilet could make us feel more special than the Joneses? Theirs is only gold.” You are not a thing. You are beyond any of the smarmy descriptions for which so many persons fall. Let’s think: How can you truly be a nationality, a physical description, or a professional or financial status? In short, you can’t.

The mind is the creator of everything, including our body-mind. True Self is prior to the mind; therefore, independent of it. The Bible describes this as “being in the world but not of it.” If you believe that you are the body-mind, you inherit all of the fears that come along with that belief. It is not the Truth. Through the practice of clear discernment (meditation is invaluable), you can knowingly rise above all circumstance. What’s more, you do not die; because the body-mind is an effect of mind. You are First Principle, Cause. It’s why Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj stated the following: “There is as much death present when a million die as when one perishes.” We need not fall for the fiction related to the human story. Truth is available, now and forever. We have only to seek It.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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