Rising Out of Ignorance

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This article’s title may raise some eyebrows or perhaps some snickers. And such is understandable. On personal levels (which means relative levels), opinions are bound to differ–that’s just the way of life in this environment. During the course of our human story, we have developed a persona–the mask; and due to that mask, which is formed from a collection of thoughts, beliefs, and apparent experiences, each and every person interprets the world in a fully subjective manner. To some readers, the title might suggest that I am now claiming to be a genius; that my days of being stupid, acting foolish, or exhibiting illogical behavour are over. Alas (now, there’s an old word), that is not the case; at least when “Art” is around. I am happy to announce, however, that my once abundant ignorance has at least decreased.

“Art,” the character, has been experiencing the pain of his issues for quite an apparent time; but perhaps enough karmic debt has been paid that Grace could lead the way to liberation. On most days, “I”–Awareness–no longer view the world through Art’s hazel eyes; nor do I see the world through his well-intentioned, although ignorant, perspective or deeply-rooted opinions. I have learned that there is much lighter way to approach life and the phenomenal world. To do so is to look from a perspective that is above and beyond the earthly character that the majority of persons still believe themselves to be. This is the ignorance to which the title refers.

It’s in our nature to rise; for indeed we were cast out from the Most High to experience Itself in a multitude of forms. This time, we chose–or were indebted–to play the role of human. A basic spiritual principle of rhythm rules: The swing of the pendulum to the left is equal to the swing to the right. Thus, we will–in due time–rise once again to the level from which we were originally cast out. Such is inevitable. As we rise, it’s important to remember the following: It makes no sense whatsoever to blame ourselves for actions committed by the little self that was apparently mired in ignorance. Such could have not been different. It’s perfectly understandable that all of us–believing ourselves to be body-mind only–apparently acted from that perspective. How could we have done otherwise? To tell someone not to act stupid or foolish–or from a point of arrogance, ignorance, or human pride–is like demanding that someone (with no knowledge of rocket engineering) build us a rocket ship to go to the moon.

How may we rise out of ignorance? From my understanding, there is one key method: meditation; be still. It is erroneous to believe that we may rise out of ignorance by merely acquiring more knowledge; for the human perspective is relative. From that vantage point, what is right or wrong, correct or incorrect, is forever changing. However, when we still our minds, doing so silences the false self (the little “i”) long enough to allow the Source of All Knowing to be directly realized.

So what does rising out of ignorance feel like? It may be described in one word: Bliss, aka peace. To rise is to be released from the constrictive limitations of the human perspective into the expansive domain of Spirit. To rise is to discard the human perspective as though it were a worn-out set of clothes. To rise is to stand apart–and watch–as the ego that was once believed to be “you” is seen for what it is. That false self, which still may occasionally try to yank us back down into ignorance, can now be witnessed from afar. To rise also allows us to look upon others, who are experiencing their own karmic debt, with a heart filled with loving compassion. Through greater understanding, we come to realize that to transition from person to Presence is part of our apparent journey. There’s much higher to rise–much higher; for to pretend to have arrived at a point of All Knowing would only be to proclaim our ignorance!  If we are wise, we won’t be tempted to look down. A little understanding goes a long way.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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