Something Wonderful

As Claire was paying for her groceries at a checkout line, a message that she had kept from a fortune cookie fell out of her purse. The message, which read “Something wonderful will happen for you today” was a visual reminder that she regularly read to impress her mind to expect positive events. Claire realized that attitude plays a major role in what we achieve in life. Fortunately, the checkout lady noticed the little slip of paper, and Claire was able to return it to her to her purse for safe keeping.


According to various sources, our subconscious mind processes approximately 400,000,000,000 bits of information per second. Our conscious mind, however, can only process approximately 2,000 bits. Although I have no way of verifying this information, I think we can safely conclude that there is a vast difference in processing capability. Unless we believe that all of life is random (which I don’t), we may conclude that there is an ongoing selection process (focus/attraction) that determines what we will experience in our lives. We might imagine this as blinders on a horse; a device that limits the horse’s view to that which is straight ahead. In other words, the horse is only viewing a slice of the reality that is actually available. Our blinders (which we choose though our predominant mental attitude) determine what we will experience.

The role of focus in our life cannot be overemphasized–it is that important! In Claire’s case, she was wisely choosing to remind herself that–in any given moment, on any given day–something wonderful was welcome. She was, in effect, informing The Universe that she was open to receiving the best experiences available. Do you believe, as I do, that focus influences our experience? Or do you believe that life, and our experience of it, is actually random?

Please contemplate this: Does it seem logical that when we direct our attention to a “something-wonderful point of view” that we leave ourselves open to the beautiful ideals that we hold most dear? Does believing that something wonderful is going to happen–in our health, our career, in our relationships–attune ourselves to that which we seek? Conversely, if we attune ourselves to that which seems terrible, is it not logical that we make ourselves vulnerable to attracting that reality?

As students of the Law of Attraction, a question may naturally arise in our minds: So, how do we open ourselves to the best reality that we’re seeking? In part, by realizing three ways in which we unintentionally sabotage our dreams and goals:

  • First (Fear): So often, it is fear that makes us say “no” to a new experience. It is fear that disguises itself as common sense. It is fear that forces us to focus upon what could go wrong, instead of upon that which may go marvelously right. It is fear that keeps a ship “safe”–but rotting–in harbour, when it was meant to sail the seven seas.
  • Second (Confusion)Until we truly know what we desire, we cannot possibly achieve successfully. If a sculptor changed his/her mind daily, what type of sculpture might we expect? Might confusion have resulted in Michelangelo’s David being, instead, Michelangelo’s Donkey or Daffodil? We must find our passion and focus upon it, as though already achieved.
  • Third (Impatience): If we are unwilling to let the Universe work through us–in its own way, in its own time–we are undermining the results that we desire. Patience and persistent relaxed focus pays big dividends.

I offer this suggestion: Consider writing your own fortune-cookie message, of your heart’s deepest desire. Write it in the present tense, beginning with “I am now…,” as though it is already achieved as a reality. Keep it close (in your purse, wallet, or pocket) and refer to it daily, in moments of quiet reflection. The life we desire may be waiting just outside the 2,000 bits of data that we habitually process per second. A change in attitude, prompted by our own good-fortune message, will begin the process of attracting the good we seek.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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4 thoughts on “Something Wonderful

  1. Great post Art! The three ways we unintentionally sabotage ourselves rings true. I often think confusion and impatience follow fear. Learning to slow down and look deeply can help us see through our fears and gain clarity. Take it easy Art 🙏

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