“I” Pretending To Be “Other”

Whether we are aware of it or not, each and every one of us is taking part in an incredible play of Universal Magic. The stage show called Life on Earth is unparalleled in Its grandeur; incomprehensible to the human mind. From the dazzling darkness of our Divine Origin, we have come to shine in our assumed roles as human beings. Due to forgetfulness, the majority of humans are consumed in and by the roles they play. “I’ll be a doctor,” says one. “I’ll be a wife, a writer, a plumber, a rocket scientist, or a carpenter,” say five others. The majority of us remain asleep to our true nature; we are figuratively lost in the illusory roles that we have been conditioned to accept as our identity. They are not. We are forever Spirit–having an apparently human life. Beyond life as it appears to be lies the Truth. It is absolute, never changing. In John 10:30, Jesus expressed this one-and-only Truth as follows:

“I and the Father are one.”

Never questioning, the majority of us blindly accept the information we’ve been told about our origin. On such-and-such a day, at precisely 09:12, we arrived. As soon as possible, we utter a statement akin to this: “I’m _ _ _ _ _ _ ; my parents are Mr. and Mrs. _ _ _ _ _ _ .” “Ah, yes,” replies the sleeping listener, who (while still innocently unaware of his/her true nature) replies, “I well remember your parents; what a lovely couple.” Soon after, we declare, “I was born in Scotland, Peru, India, Jamaica, or Canada;” therefore, “I’m Scottish, Peruvian, Indian, Jamaican, or Canadian.” In fact, these locations refer to nothing more than longitudes and latitudes in Consciousness. This, my dear friends, is the story of our human ancestry. It is just thata STORY. Although it may seem to have relative importance, in the realm of The Absolute it is nothing more than fiction. Why? Because when we are aware of the ultimate understanding, we realize that only Consciousness is real. We may choose to honour and respect the relative perspective while apparently here; but we are wise to avoid attaching too great an importance to its narrative. In Matthew 10:39, the Bible offers guidance to help us recognize the dimension of Self which is Absolute:

“He that findeth his life shall lose it:

And he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.”

How can this–possibly–be so? Through dreaming. By It’s magnificent creative power, The One (which can not actually be other than It is) experiences Itself through a multiplicity and diversity of form. It imagines that It is the All in All. It is THAT which pretends to be all other. It pretends to be a planet populated with human beings racing around in their relative world of delusions, which they assume to be oh, so very real. It imagines that It is every saint, sinner, and savior who ever “walked” the face of the earth. It imagines Itself to be every rock, tree, butterfly, and ant. It takes the form of everything–from a grain of sand to the very peak of Mount Everest. Look within and you may realize that It imagines that It takes the form of YOU. Please awaken, dear spiritual brothers and sisters; for you, yourself, are God incarnate. A human incarnation is, indeed, a rare and precious opportunity to awaken to the Truth of your Being. When we do, the world and all contained within it benefit greatly. Amen.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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One thought on ““I” Pretending To Be “Other”

  1. “Nothing really exists!”, Vedanta says.
    That maybe the reason why Osho dictated his own epitaph as
    “Osho- Never Born, Never Died. Only Visited This Planet Earth Between December 11, 1931 to January 19, 1990”
    In my opinion, Osho is only partially right.

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