An Email To Art

In a paradoxical twist, I share the fictional email below to relate Truth. May its message of love resonate with your heart and help to alleviate confusion that is the cause of our apparent suffering:


“Dear Art,

It is I Am, the Only One. I reach to you because I desire to ease your troubled heart. Your grief and despair, which is broadly termed suffering, have become too burdensome to carry. Because of my boundless love for you, I have formulated this message about your essential nature. Please read it carefully in a time and place conducive to introspection.

I Am well aware of what has been going on in your apparent world. You, and so many “others” are so worried about life. Grave concerns about health and well being, employment woes, and violence against one another have become so commonplace that there seems no light at the end of the tunnel. Please trust Me, there is. I shine for all of you, now and forever. The anguish that you’re experiencing is due to unrecognized ignorance. You erroneously assume that you consist of flesh and bones and that so-called matter is the foundation of your world. Due to this, you believe that your body-mind is discrete and functions autonomously; it does not. Without Me, it is impossible for you to lift a finger. This is related in John 15:4: “Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.” Please remember that I and the Father am one.

To correct the situation, you must become aware of your essential nature. Here is Truth: You are only dreaming that you are “Art.” Although you and eight billion persons appear to be physical, such is only appearance. The Sanskrit term for this illusion is Maya. To understand this better, we may compare your so-called reality–right here and now–to last night’s dreams. Of what were they made but Consciousness? Why do you assume that the apparent reality of your world to be any different? When you awakened this morning, did you expect to discover any material remnants from your dreams? If so, where are they now? Could not the reality of this experience called Life on Earth–of walking and talking, of working and playing–also be made of Consciousness? Can you glimpse that to which I point?

You cannot possibly be who you think yourself to be; nor can you be separate from Me. You can, however, BE. The fear and negativity that accompanies the human perspective, which is founded in ignorance, does not belong to you. You are not a separate self destined for an earthly grave; you are spiritual sons and daughters of I Am That I Am. You are Awareness, Christ Consciousness, the Buddha, hidden by the dark cloak of physicality. Your body-mind and the world appear in Consciousness. Through Me, you are a co-creator of your world and circumstance. You are Spirit, eternal.

To recognize Truth, it is imperative that you become still and know that I am God. The I Am that is Me is the same I Am that is you and everyone and everything else that you perceive. In other words, you are I, and I Am you. Perception ‘is’ the world. Arise, dear Art; it’s time for you and your spiritual brothers and sisters to know “What” you actually Are. You cannot become enlightened ‘as‘ a person; but you can be freed from the erroneous belief that you are a person. It’s time that you awaken to the Light of your BEING.

Much love,

Grace (of God).”


Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

P.S. Please share this article if you enjoyed it. If you’d like to view my latest book (This Taste of Flesh and Bones–released September 8, 2020), press here. May it help you in your spiritual journey. 🙏🤍

Thank You” & “Note to Publishers

9 thoughts on “An Email To Art

  1. Wow “Art”! Splendid presentation of the nature of our reality. Keep sharing your literary genius with us so that we may continue to grow and learn in all there is; Consciousness.


    1. Hi Linda! Great to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words about my articles. I love being a conduit for words about Brahman/God. My written affirmation about writing is coming true, moment by moment. It’s such a pleasure to share this information with beings who are eager to learn about our essential nature. I also now post some videos on Youtube. Here’s a link, in case you’re interested. Bless you and Hunt, too! Please say hello for me. 🙏


  2. Hi Arthur,

    Recently picked up This Taste of Flesh and Bones. As you say in the text, the book attracted me at the moment I was ready for it. Interestingly it came to me soon after I was introduced to Emmet Fox. This was a natural progression for me as I came to spirituality through the AA 12 Steps.

    Thank you for your work and I hope to see you on our journey.


    1. Hello Annapoliso,
      Thank you very much for your note. I sincerely hope that my book is service to you in some way. I’m familiar with some of Emmet Fox’s work, too. Keep the faith in your path! I believe in you!

      There are so many wonderful authors. You might also enjoy “Creative Mind” by Ernest Holmes, and/or “The Power of Awareness” by Neville Goddard.

      I appreciate your taking the timen to offer such a kind comment. 🙏


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