Sparks Divine

By the rumour mill, I once heard that Earth and its inhabitants went through a period of gross ignorance that was referred to as The Abysmal Years. Greed was rampant; governments–contrary to their public mask of “serve the people”–were rife with corruption and censorship; and every war that ended, inevitably led to the beginning of the next. So-called democracy–at the price of millions of human lives lost, to death or wounds–proclaimed that it would save our world, while hiding its real agenda behind a waving flag.

In personal interactions, the people gorged themselves upon the daily staples of theft, duplicity, and selfishness–these were the groceries of the day. At night, the people prayed for greater skill in their ability to deceive and defraud their neighbours. The majority of persons felt separate from one another; and, thus, they bargained in bad faith to ensure the upper hand. The marketplace and life, itself, were labelled competitive. By popular opinion, it was agreed that only fools would believe that everyone could live creatively and cooperatively; and, thereby, enjoy a more peaceful coexistence.

So accustomed to this way of existing, the majority of the people questioned neither the rightness of it, nor the cost. Before embarking on their daily routines, everyone donned their fake smiles and rehearsed their glad-handing patter. Unaware that there was a better way to live, the people, therefore, taught their children the same through their proud example. Strangely, the people did not consider themselves brutes; by the standard of the times, they, indeed, considered themselves quite civilized. “This” was the way of being during The Abysmal Years.

But then…

In small enlightened gatherings throughout the world, sparks of deeper understanding began to light up. “Must we be this way?” the sparks asked. “Must we cheat and double deal, or could there be another way, a better, Holy way, of living our years? Could we, in knowing ourselves as children of The Divine, honour one another–each no greater, and each no less–and put an end to The Abysmal Years?”

Of course, this is only a story…or is it?

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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10 thoughts on “Sparks Divine

  1. This is a wonderful text that moved me when reading.
    We must not be this way. When we live the way, the voice of the heart & soul we are on the right way. We’re all children of the divine but tend to forget, ignore that at times.
    When the student is ready the master appears.
    Thank you so much for sharing your precious reflections and professional writing skills with us.
    You are deeply respected and honored by many of us, dear friend Arthur! So grateful for you. 💎🙏💜


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