Lock, Stock, and Barrel

The expression “lock, stock, and barrel” is commonly interpreted as the following: the all, entirety, or completeness. Initially, it referred to the three major components of a gun. This article has nothing to do with guns, but it has everything to do with knowingly recognizing our essential nature.


How completely gullible “i” was; so completely trusting. I believed the story of “Art,” lock, stock, and barrel. Until a few years ago, I assumed that all of “my” life events and circumstances were, indeed, factual: that i had been born to Katherine and Walter Russell. If asked about my upbringing, i would have shared about being raised in a rural setting, with two loving sisters and wonderful parents. We were rich, indeed, in family. How fortunate we were to love one another so whole heartedly.

Major details, accumulated along Art’s way, would include travel, adventure, writing, paramedicine, marriage, children, and divorce. Of course, there would be other minor occurrences, labelled either good or bad, that I accepted blindly and dealt with as effectively as possible. There would be suffering, too, both physical and mental; but I’m grateful that such caused me to go within and question my uninvestigated assumptions.

Liberation, aka enlightenment, means to be freed from the belief that you are the person. To awaken to the recognition of our essential nature, beyond name and form, is much similar to the way that a person awakens from a nighttime dream. When daylight dawns, the majority of persons yawn and stretch, and believe that they are now in foundational “reality.” We accept that the events that occurred whilst our body-mind slept were only dream happenings; that the scary dragon of our dreams wasn’t actually real (in the usual sense of the word), and neither was the daring rescue from the skyscraper, or our parched drama in the desert. We assume, however, that our morning coffee and a shower are very real, indeed. In actuality, it is all a grand illusion (as is this, right now); produced, directed, and created by the one-and-only Infinite Living Mind.

Little did I realize at the time, but by not realizing That which I truly Am, karma would decree that “i” would figuratively shoot myself in the foot repeatedly. I’m sorry to say that “others” were occasionally wounded. With this knowing, we are wise to remember that this–even the reading of this article–is occurring within the framework of a dream. This Spiritual knowing confirms what science realized about apparent “matter” more than a hundred years ago–that it cannot be said to exist independent of the mind that perceives it. As we recognize our essential nature in increasing numbers, our collective dream experience will reflect that positive energy. Each delusion that falls away allows me to knowingly see more clearly That, which I truly Am. More importantly, it also allows me to know the The Greatness That Is You.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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