Mining Gold

The Gold to which I refer within the content of this article is not the type found as shiny nuggets panned from streams; nor is it the kind that is bound in ore at great depths within the earth. To mine this nature of Gold, drilling rigs, dynamite, and mammoth mining trucks are not required. The Gold of which I write is Spiritual Gold, and It is closer than your breath. It is the MOST precious non-thing, never found via the senses.

The following information will be useful to help us set up our mining operation. In spiritual circles, our shared Oneness is often analogously referred to as Gold. We, as humans of various shapes, sizes, and colours, are likened to articles of golden jewelry such as rings, bracelets, or necklaces. Through this analogy, we understand that at the core, all of the articles of jewelry are, in essence, gold. This principle also applies to humankind; for at the Core, all of us are fashioned from, and known by Awareness. In spiritual terms, we refer to It as God; in scientific terms, we refer to It as the Unified Field; and we informally refer to It as “I Am.”

To understand our essential nature more deeply, it’s important that we realize that Awareness knows Itself, through Itself. It is knowingly self aware of Its own nature. It’s essential nature is creative. Out of the One Spiritual Gold, all forms that are known, including the world and our body-minds, are made. Logically, therefore, each and every one of “us” must intrinsically possess a shining nugget of Goldness within. It could be no other way. It is this one-and-only Gold that I devote the contents of this article.

For reasons which may only be surmised, the majority of modern cultures have attempted to hide the realization of our Goldness from humankind. To whatever degree that this may be so, the good news is that our nugget of Gold is the one non-thing that can never be stripped from us–it is our Golden birth right. For periods of time, we may be confused about our essential nature; but we can never actually be other than That which we are.

To mine our spiritual Gold within, it’s imperative that we realize that no amount of data collecting or soil sampling about our essential nature (books, religious services, spiritual retreats, online presentations) can ever replace leaning into our shovels and digging into the very nature of our Being. Daily meditation is the tool that we use to spiritually mine (recognize) our nugget of gold within. When we shovel away the overburden (that which is not our essential nature; i.e., name, form, title, status, nationality, race, etc), the nugget of gold is directly revealed.

To recognize the nugget of gold, we must turn our attention within and merge with IT.

One of the greatest consequences of knowingly mining our Gold (God) within us, is that the world and everyone benefits by this recognition. When we raise God from the depths of our Being to the surface of our daily interactions, everyone’s life is enriched. The world, and our experience of it, is quite literally transformed. Selfishness is displaced by Godly selflessness. Base human traits are displaced by the genuine love of the Creator. Due to our rich discovery, we may now see and appreciate the Gold that is shining through and from everyone and everything. Perhaps it’s time to consider setting up your own Gold mining camp, Here and Now.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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