The Life of Your Dreams

It was the last day of The Life of Your Dreams Exhibition for the current year; and Matilda, who had just turned thirteen, was so excited to see it. As she approached the grand entrance, her hand that was holding her ticket began to shake noticeably, in rhythm to the flutter within her chest. She had purchased the ticket from a scalper who had assured her that it was real. When the two persons in front of her had shown their passes, she nervously stepped forward to the grey-haired man who was checking tickets. He was wearing a name tag that read Noel the Gnostic. With a kind smile, he accepted her ticket and slid it beneath a scanner. A second later, he and Matilda heard a loud “Buzzz,” and the machine spat out “D-E-N-I-E-D” in a flat digital voice.

“I’m sorry, Miss,” said the kindly man, “but your ticket is a fake. The price of admission is a real one.”

Suddenly, the pressure was too much for Matilda, and she began to sob.

“There, there, Miss,” said Noel, as he leaned down and handed her a tissue. “Come with me, and I’ll explain a little more.” As soon as a replacement employee had arrived, he guided Matilda toward a quiet cubical nearby.

“Honestly, Sir,” said Matilda, “I paid for my ticket. I thought it was good.”

“I understand,” said Noel, “but the ticket isn’t real. When I placed it under the scanning machine, the message that popped up on the screen was Hope instead of Faith.”

“What’s the difference?” asked Matilda, as her sobbing subsided.

“Well,” began Noel, “the price of admission to The Life of Your Dreams is faith. We must believe with all of our heart and absolutely trust that our desires will come true. Hope, on the other hand, is more like an idle wish. It lacks true power.”

Matilda was beginning to see the difference. “I guess I was just hoping,” she said.

“That’s understandable,” said Noel. “This life is an apparent journey, and we’re meant to learn from it. Would you like some friendly advice about how to make your dreams come true?”

“Yes, please,” said Matilda, as a tremor shook through her body.

“It’s much easier to switch from hope to faith when we truly know What–not who–we truly are. You may not realize this yet, but you are actually an unlimited co-creator of your life. You’re a walking and talking spark of God. What you believe can–and will–manifest when you persistently envision your dreams as being–NOW–already achieved. Every night before you fall asleep, imagine what you desire in living detail. The trick is to think from the end, which means to feel as though you already have the results that you desire to experience. Use as many of your senses as possible; see, hear, smell, taste, and touch your desire in your imagination. The thoughts that we repeatedly impress into our mind are like seeds planted in a garden. What we impress into our mind will eventually grow into the events and circumstances of our life.”

“Really?” said Matilda, with an innocence that touched Noel’s heart deeply.

“Yes,” he said, “absolutely.”

“Thank you for telling me,” said Matilda. She was about to turn and walk away, when Noel tapped her gently on the shoulder and gave her a twenty dollar note. “Here,” he said, “please put this towards your ticket price for next year. I’ll be here, waiting to see you.”


Dear Readers: Our experience–of ourselves and the world–appears only within Consciousness. This so-called “reality” occurs in much the same way that events seem to occur within our nighttime dreams. To inspire you to continue to have faith in the achievement of your desires, I offer you the following quotes from Neville Goddard, who was a Barbadian born mystic, author, and interpreter of Biblical truth:

God in you creates and sustains your world by the use (or misuse) of your human imagination.


Things have no reality other than in consciousness. Therefore, get the consciousness first and the thing is compelled to appear.”


The world which is described from observation is a manifestation of the mental activity of the observer.


Imagination and faith are the secrets of creation.


God is your consciousness.”


As in the subconscious, so on earth.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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