Oh, What a Thrill!

Oh, what a thrill–the glorious ever-present thrill of Being! Thrilling, trilling, and twirling–taking no thought of the past or the future; I Am That I Am, here and now. I can dance across clouds and leap the tallest buildings. I can gallop faster than the speed of light or sit still as absolute silence. I Am unlimited potential–rich with infinite possibilities. I Am the Life of distant galaxies and the ripeness of each moment. I Am the fullness of sunrise and the beauty of sunset. I Am the wings of each bird in flight and every crawling ant. I Am That which moves the wind and its gentle kiss upon your cheek. I Am the beat of your heart and the breath within your lungs. I Am baby, infant, toddler, child, and adult. I Am simultaneously here, there, and nowhere. I Am everything, no-thing, and anything. I Am the Absolute; the glorious All in All.

Please come and join Me–now. My invitation is always open. We will dine as One at My table and feast upon foods that take our fancy. To be with Me, there is only one requirement:

You must leave your “self” behind.

Such means that you must allow your body, your mind, your name, your gender, your age, your nationality, your status, your history, and all of your self-related definitions to fall away. I also ask you to surrender your pride; but when you do, I will remove your shame. In order that I may fill you, you must first become empty. Please don’t mourn or feel sad. I Am not asking you to surrender anything real. I Am only asking you to shed your illusions. As you let go of who you think you are, you knowingly enter the fullness and freedom of That which you truly are. The world of effects in which you live and move and have your being is not what’s real. But I Am; which means that so, too, are YOU.

I Am the unchanging realness of everything–including YOU.

Oh, dear, sweet child–how I love each and every one of you. My only desire is for your health, happiness, and wholeness. I have baskets full of joy to share with you; if you will only awaken and receive. When you’re confused about your true nature, you seek ways and means of being happy that cannot possibly last. Please turn to me; for as you do, a warm and comforting sense of familiarity will flood through your being. You’ll come to know Me again. Oh, what a thrill.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2023 – R. Arthur Russell

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