My Sky is Blue


Chances are that most of us have heard the following expression many times: What colour is the sky in your world? And chances are that whoever used it (most likely with a roll of the eyes) was trying to imply that someone else–a friend, a family member, a colleague, a stranger–was slightly off their rocker. It implies that a person is unrealistically happy, optimistic in the face of a negative reality, or living in a delusional bubble. Whatever the reason, the expression is usually–although not always–intended to insult. And why am I sharing this in an article regarding the Law of Attraction?

To remind, or perhaps inform, that life–and our experience of it–is unique for each and every one of us. And, further, to state–yet again–that we attract according to the habitual way we think and feel about the world; therefore, feeling good not only benefits us in the present moment but also in the future. The fact is, the reality that we experience can be good, even when everyone around us claims that the world is falling apart. This does not make us stupid; quite the contrary. To be ruled by circumstance, or the predominating opinions of others, places us at the whims of the world. Is this wise, to allow the world to determine our state of being? The opposite is true when we practice our right to govern our own perspective. We may also remind ourselves that a shift in our perspective–to one of gratitude and optimism–creates the pathway for real and dramatic change to occur in our lives. Such occurs through a shift in consciousness from within, independent of the world without.

With this mindset, we may–despite hearing that we are beaten–think “I will be victorious!” With this mindset, we may–despite hearing that we look tired–think “I feel full of vitality!” With this mindset, we may–despite hearing that the state of the world is hopeless–think, “Goodness will triumph!” It is such optimism–combined with applied action toward positive goals–that actually creates a Blue Sky reality. This doesn’t mean that we’re denying a negative reality that might be occurring; we’re just choosing not to focus upon it.

Clearly, our evolution is up to us. We may live as a conduit to goodness and kindness, courage and optimism, power and perseverance. In the same way that we decide whether to challenge our muscles by lifting greater and weights–and thereby grow stronger–we may challenge our attitude by choosing the colour of the sky under which we live. Source, which is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient, will support us. We get to choose. Such is our power. Such is our freedom. Such is our birthright, if only we will claim it.

This world can undoubtedly have a negative effect upon us. But such cannot occur without our permission. On any given day, we can see the news–and watch reports of terrible atrocities. We can listen to our neighbours–and hear them complain about politics, the weeds in their front lawn, or the cost of a loaf of bread. Or…we may exercise our right–divinely given, as is life itself–to view the world through our own eyes. Through the use of deliberate focus–and deliberate intention–we may turn our back to dark skies, and face the light. Through happiness we attract more happiness. We may remind ourselves the next time someone asks “What colour is the sky in your world?” that we may confidently and apologetically affirm “My sky is blue.”

Dare to dream.

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2016 – R. Arthur Russell

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