Two Magical Words

Two Magical Words2

The day is up and running…and so are we! Another day, another dollar. There is work to be done, children to make ready for school, bills to be paid, and a list of chores that must be crossed off. Our commute, and thoughts of crowded trains and busy highways, already looms in our consciousness. Deadlines have to be met. Already we can feel the weight of it all, settled squarely upon our shoulders–or worse, our heart. When, when, when will life become easier? When will we have time to rest, to enjoy, to appreciate the beauty of a day?

If this sounds familiar, we are not alone; such is the case for so many people. At times, our happiness and joy can seem an illusion; an oasis that–despite our valiant efforts–remains an ever-distant mirage. In our desperation, we pin our hopes upon two little words: If only. Misguidedly, we attach them to thoughts that we form into beliefs. If only I won the lottery! If only I could retire! If only I had more money! If only I was thinner, better looking, or richer! If only I had that special person in my life! If only I had a different job or lived in a different city! If only, if only, if only…

The truth, however, is that the difference that we’re seeking will never–and can never–be found in the two words mentioned above. Why? Because wherever we go, there we are! In short, we take our attitudes with us. The positive difference we’re seeking may, however, be found in two other words that possess the power to magically transform our life: Thank you. When we make it our habit to praise where we are–right here, right now–we begin an inner transformation that must yield the change that we desire. Such occurs when we concentrate our focus in a positive manner. We may begin the process by reading the following list, and later add to it with thoughts that are more personal:

  • Thank you…for my life.
  • Thank you…for the air in my lungs.
  • Thank you…for my work.
  • Thank you…for my family.
  • Thank you…for my friends.
  • Thank you…for my vision.
  • Thank you…for my home, my apartment, my room.
  • Thank you…for the food on my table.
  • Thank you…for what I’ve learned.
  • Thank you…for this day, this minute, this moment.

The peace and happiness that we’re seeking must come from within. First. To expect the world to fulfill us is folly. Why? Because life expresses from a higher gradient to a lower. The order is thus: Spirit, mental, physical. Water flows downhill, now and always. Inner precedes outer. When we understand the order of life–and live accordingly–we’ll begin to witness the change we desire. Two magical words–thank you–may be all that it takes to begin the transformation. So…shall we begin?

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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