A Coin So Thin


The Law of Attraction–always functioning, ever present, everywhere, one-hundred percent of the time. Because of it, we’re able to create in accordance with the thoughts we hold and evolve on our paths toward conscious development. With that in mind, let’s examine the title of this post in more detail.

Most of us are familiar with the custom of tossing a coin to make a determination. It might have played out like this: A quarter is selected from a pocket. Both sides are shown–Heads and Tails. All involved–perhaps two teams of children–state their choice and wait for the coin to be tossed into the air. Then they watch. The coin is caught and slapped onto the tosser’s other hand. The covering hand is lifted, revealing the verdict. It’s simple: Heads you win; Tails you lose: The team that called it goes first, or plays from a certain end. How that coin toss applies to the Law of Attraction is found through a saying of mine: You can never slice a coin so thin that it will not have two sides. Please read this again, concentrating as you do. What do I mean?

It can often be easy to believe that Life is dividing us into categories, in much the same way as the coin toss. On one side, Heads, we may mistakenly believe that only winners are allowed. They will be the rich, the famous, the ones with the great career, great family, and great health. On the other side, Tails, we may mistakenly believe that only losers are found. They will be the poor, the downtrodden, the ones with the just-getting-by jobs, no family, and poor health. We’re going to challenge that belief now, through the Principle of Polarity, which is discussed in The Kybalion, a book of mystical teachings.

All of us realize about opposites. Light and dark. Up and down. Right and left. The Kybalion teaches that both–although technically opposites–are actually just poles, or extremes, of one thing called temperature. In the matter of Hot and Cold, no one can state where hot begins and cold ends, for both are in the one. So, how does this mystical teaching apply to our lives?

It means that if we are experiencing the negative end (or pole) of any situation, we should mentally begin to slide our attitude toward the other pole. This would be accomplished through deliberate and conscious mental effort. Using my example of the coin, I would say that we should toss the coin again–seeking the good that absolutely must be there! If a situation seems unfavourable, toss the coin again! Think of it: The Head side of the coin cannot exist–literally–without the Tails! In time, as we mature as co-creators, we realize that we possess the coin (read: our thinking) about anything! It is–and will always be–our coin. Both sides. Each and every time, we may choose to toss the coin again and seek the good that inherently must exist.

This is not an exercise in trite sayings. This is a fact. We are the ones having our life experiences, and we are the ones labelling them. I am not saying that challenging life situations will not occur. I am saying, however, that in every situation we may toss the coin again–applying the Principle of Polarity–and find the other side of the coin. Through conscious use of our creative abilities, we’ll come to understand that we have always held both sides of the coin; and that we can toss it again whenever we please. We can change ourselves–our attitude, our thinking–and thereby attract to us accordingly. If you’re going through a rough time, perhaps it’s time to toss that coin. Do it; I know you can.

Dare to dream.

With heartfelt regards,


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