Make it a Habit


Our study of the Law of Attraction includes many truisms. In metaphysical teachings, one of the most important to understand–and remember–is this: Energy flows where attention goes. Expressed a different way, this means that what we focus upon increases or expands.

So how can we–as deliberate creators–practically apply this information? By first not only believing it’s true but also knowing it is. A couple of questions may anchor us in the truth of the statement: Have you noticed that when someone begins to complain about a situation, that before long someone else–a colleague, or even you–relates more about which to complain? Have you also noticed that a problem given attention soon takes on dimensions beyond its original scope? There’s a reason: By focusing on the problem, we’re unintentionally directing our mind to create more of it!

To positively counter such life situations, we can deliberately use our knowledge regarding focus to great benefit. On a personal level, that requires focusing on what is right with our life–not on what we have deemed wrong! If the subject of finances crosses our mind, we may remind ourselves of the money we have, not the debt. Focusing on debt only creates more debt. The same holds true for our health. For every troubling health issue, there is–most likely–a degree of good health in other regards. Such positive-oriented use of our focus is not intended to blind us to the problems; rather to allow us to see our way through them with a solution-based mindset. When we develop the practice of praising the good we attract more of the good into our experience.

Old ways of thinking–if given the chance–will automatically direct our attention in habitual ways. If our habits are good, they will serve us positively. If bad, they will function to our detriment. To counter the negative, it’s imperative that we rise in consciousness. To understand this more easily, imagine that we have climbed to the top of a great mountain. Atop this mountain, there is a large telescope that swivels 360 degrees. Through it we may see the world. It is our viewpoint. We may look in one direction and view world strife, political unease, pollution, family turmoil, and disease. But, as creators we possess the power to swivel the telescope in a different direction and view a newborn baby, a lush forest, a peaceful seashore, a glowing sunrise, and radiant health. All are happening at the same time. The point of this analogy: The view is dependent on you. 

To create positive change in our lives, please consider the following suggestion: For the next twenty-four hours, direct your attention–deliberately–to what is right in your life: Praise your health, your friends, your finances, the roof over your head. Praise the air in your lungs, the blood in your arteries, the food in your belly, the shoes upon your feet. And after twenty-four hours have passed, continue this positive focus for the next twenty-four hours! One week of this practice will lead to the next week, the next month, and the next year. Remember: A positive life doesn’t just happen; it’s created one day at a time.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

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