The Better Way

If you are searching (as was I) for a better way to live and, thus, to experience an improvement in the circumstances of your life, I offer you the following examples to consider. When the principle behind them (which is Divine Love by All for All) is applied until it becomes our habitual way of Being, we will definitely notice positive changes in our life. The world of effects is a mirror to our innermost beliefs and assumptions; therefore, we do ourselves and everyone else a favour by maintaining our highest ideals. By practicing this way of Being in the easy times, we develop a strong mental muscle that proves of great service during the most challenging situations. So, onward…to the good life!


  • For that irate driver who swerves suddenly and almost causes an accident–LOVE him/her.
  • For your children who, unaware of the burden that you are carrying, take you for granted–LOVE them.
  • For your boss, who piles an increasing work load upon you and rarely, if ever, expresses praise, LOVE him/her.
  • For your friends, who at times may seem to be only fair-weather friends, LOVE them.
  • For your spouse who, in the midst of a challenging day, uncharacteristically snaps at you, LOVE him/her.
  • For your co-worker, who takes credit for your creative ideas, LOVE him/her.
  • For persons who, in dealing with their own fears, intolerantly demand your behaviour to mirror theirs, LOVE them.
  • For strangers who, in dealing with their own stressful lives, express anger toward you, LOVE them.
  • Last, but definitely not least: For you, when you make a mistake regarding best behaviour or the wisest choice, LOVE yourself.

The purpose of these examples is not to turn us into holier-than-thou persons willing to subjugate our needs at the expense of poor behaviour. The principle of Divine Love expressed is to free us from the negative repercussions that we attract when/if we retaliate with negative thoughts and behaviour. Like truly does attract like. Please realize, also, that although I’ve written that we are wise to express LOVE, this does not mean that we are to suppress our true feelings and tolerate abuse, of any nature. If it’s time to exit a situation that is harmful or demeaning, we must realize this and ensure that we protect ourselves and our best interests. It’s true that we teach others how to treat us; therefore, what we tolerate out of fear, we appear to condone.

The positive effects of this way of Being in the world will not occur overnight–but “occur” they will when we change within. As we apply the principle of Divine Love for all, our world will begin to change without. As ye sow, so shall ye reap is not a trite saying intended to appease the masses; it is spiritual law. What we sincerely feel in our heart (not that which we think/utter with idle lip service) is reflected back. The world (which is created via, and known by, Consciousness) reflects our innermost way of Being; and when we exercise our inner authority in a positive way, circumstances MUST change for the better. Of course, the way to prove this for yourself, is to put it into practice.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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