All Our Petty Differences

How fervently humans hold their grudges, the petty offences we’ve deemed so important. How proudly we display them through spiteful speech and action like badges of woes pinned sharply to our lapel. How tightly we clutch the “he-did-this” or “she-did-that” accounts of wrongs against us. How dare they! Note: I, too, have been guilty as charged. With that in mind, we’ll begin this article with a line from a book that a fellow blogger suggested that I might enjoy:

We differ from others

–from criminals, for example–

only in what we do or don’t do, not in what we are.”

Awareness. by Anthony De Mello

Do those words–and the power contained within them–not strike us in the breastbone of our Being? Is Mr. or Mrs. Ego staggering from the punch? This short line begs us to ask the following: “How am I seeing?” Am I seeing with understanding born of the heart–from Truth, or am I seeing through the eyes of the petty little ego; the guy or gal who’s often so quick to judge; or reluctant–perhaps unwilling–to forgive?

It’s been stated that individuals who strike out against us personally, or collectively in society, are actually the ones most in need of love. This is perfectly logical. Why? Because such individuals are so far removed from their own knowing of love for themselves. For what other reason would they hate as much? How can we possibly give to another that which we, ourselves, do not possess? We must also remember to extend the same loving forgiveness to our own “self;” for until we do, the healing is not complete.

All waves are identical in nature as the One Ocean in which they are immersed. How could they ever truly be different? Each wave undoubtedly expresses itself differently in form–peaking here, like a saint; or crashing there, like a sinner; but each and every one is made of Ocean. We are THAT. When we see with the love of One Heart, we will know how to truly look upon this world and, thereby, raise It.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With deep love,


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Driver Training

———————————-Art” ~ 🙂 ~ circa 1906 ——————————–

Oh, how we love cars, especially those of us raised in Western cultures. We love them so much that we can hardly wait to get our driver’s licence. To us, a licence symbolizes freedom to come and go as we please and to, as Steppenwolf expressed in “Born to Be Wild, “get our motor running and head out on the highway! Before we acquire our licence, most of us have to pass a Drivers’ Education Class. We have to study the rules of the road and learn how to properly signal, accelerate, steer, brake, merge, and drive defensively. The lessons are in our best interest. No less is required for those of us who desire to deliberately apply the Law of Attraction.

Before we proceed, it’s important that we understand the nature of our vehicle. It is the body-mind, aka, the person. Contrary to popular belief, such is not the sum of What we are! In truth, we are Spirit–the silent witness that actually drives the body-mind through life. The quality of our personal journey is dependent upon the nature and intensity of our thoughts and feelings. Negative thoughtssuch as anger, hatred, revenge, jealousy, envy, pride, and selfishnesscan never lead us anywhere good. They create a rough ride and a tough life. Positive thoughts–such as love, kindness, compassion, empathy, generosity, humility, and selflessness–help lead us toward favourable destinations. The destinations we reach depend upon the skill with which we comply with spiritual laws.

So, are we buckled up? Have you checked your mirrors and left the story of your life in the past, where it belongs? Good, we’re off to a great start! Now, please know this: There are two powerful pedals that we must learn to operate before we pull away from the curb. One is Fear–it’s the brake; every time we  step on it (allow it to function in our consciousness) our vehicle slows down. The other pedal is Faith–it’s the accelerator; every time we press on it (feel triumphant joy rise in our heart) our vehicle moves closer to our desired manifestation! Through the power of Awareness (which can be increased through meditation), we’re going to learn how to be more aware of which pedal we’re pushing.

Our Driver Education Course required a set number of days; and the same applies to learning how to deliberately apply the Law of Attraction. In this case, thirty days. During this period–marked faithfully on the calendar–we’re going to monitor our thinking while going about our days. Our goal is to engage only positive thoughts. If we find ourselves concentrating on negative thoughts–either big or small–we’re going to begin our count anew. At the end of thirty days, we will arrive at our destination with a mind trained to focus on the positive aspects of life. The results that we’ll notice after successful completion of this course will make the effort required to pass it seem more than worthwhile.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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The Power of Attention

There’s a common misconception associated with the Law of Attraction, which may be expressed thus: When I get this or achieve that, I will be happy. Due to this ill-conceived belief, many individuals spend their entire life striving to reach goals which–if and when achieved–bring little more than momentary happiness. When such occurs, most dreamers automatically reach for an even grander goal, in the futile hope that it will yield the happiness they seek. The error is to believe that an object, position, achievement, or even a person can ever be the source of true joy.

How, then, can we experience the joy we desire? If objects and people and status and achievement cannot yield the happiness we desire, what can? The true answer: Our essential nature, which is joy, itself. There, in the transcendent beauty of Self, we may know firsthand the joy that is already ours. If it has eluded us thus far, it’s only because we’ve been searching in the wrong direction–outward instead of inward. Toward this truth, I offer a quote by Paulo Coelho for contemplation: “You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It’s just a matter of paying attention to this miracle.”

Attention is like a flashlight that we direct. Through it, we’re able to shine the light of consciousness in whatever direction we desire. We can shine it here–on war, famine, politics gone wrong, and crimes against humanity; or we can shine it there–on love, on family, on friends, on food in our belly, and a roof over our head. What an amazing power we possess! In any given moment, we may direct our attention to whatever we choose. If we live consciously, the choice is ours.

Does this mean we must toss our dreams aside and leave them in the dust? Not at all. We may still proceed with our dreams–the new house or car, the great career, world travel, the loving relationship–but with a wise approach. The problem of dissatisfaction only arises when we mistake our dreams as the source of our happiness–not a complement to it! When we live the wiser way, we’re going to discover a mysterious paradox: It’s when we’re most joyful within, that we manifest most successfully without.

Our joy is neither a million dollars away, nor the highest mountain climbed away. It’s neither a mansion away, nor a perfect lover away. It’s not a sports car away, a rich stock portfolio away, or a great travel destination away. Our joy is here, in this very moment–todayAnd the key that will open this truth as experience? GRATITUDE. By centering our mind in the peace of the present moment, we will be surprised at what we discover. With the aim of discovering your inner joy, please contemplate the following list with a grateful heart:

  • A breath exhaled slowly, followed by the miracle of another breath inhaled.
  • The warmth of summer sun on our back.
  • A hug from–or given to–a loved one; or the memory of such.
  • The first sip of coffee in the morning.
  • A barefoot walk across carpet or a sandy beach.
  • Bread and butter, for what it signifies: we have food.
  • Eyes closed, and then opened to reveal the miracle of sight.
  • The smell of crisp clean air.
  • Beethoven’s glorious “Ode to Joy,” or even more sublime, the words “I love you.”
  • A drink of cool water…and thirst quenched.

The doorway to our transcendent state of joy cannot be found in the future; it cannot be entered tomorrow or next week or next year. The threshold to our joy is here, in the ever-present, eternal NOW. The moments of our life come but once, bearing gifts both big and small. The question is, Will we receive the best this life can offer by using our attention wisely?

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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My Sky is Blue

Chances are that most of us have heard the following question: What colour is the sky in your world? And chances are that whoever asked it (perhaps with a roll of the eyes) was trying to imply that someone else–a friend, a family member, a colleague, or a stranger–is living in a delusional bubble for being happy and optimistic in the face of a negative reality. Whatever the reason, the expression is usually intended derogatively.

I write about the question above to remind, or perhaps inform, that our experience of life is unique for each and every one of us. It’s also important to understand that we attract experiences according to the habitual way we think and feel. Therefore, feeling good not only benefits us in the present moment but also sets the stage for future moments. The fact is that the reality we experience can be very good even when everyone around us claims that the world is falling apart. This does not make us foolish–quite the contrary. To be ruled by circumstance, or the predominant opinions of others, places us at the whims of the world. The opposite is true when we practice our right to govern our own perspective. We may also remind ourselves that a shift in our perspective–to one of gratitude and optimism–creates the pathway for real and dramatic change to occur in our lives.

With this mindset, we may–despite hearing that we are beaten–think “I Am victorious!” With this mindset, we may–despite hearing that we look tired–think “I Am full of vitality!” With this mindset, we may–despite hearing that the state of the world is hopeless–think “goodness will triumph!” It is such optimismcombined with applied action toward positive goalsthat actually creates a Blue Sky Reality. This doesn’t mean that we’re denying a negative situation; we’re just choosing not to focus upon it.

Our evolution is up to us. We may live as a conduit to goodness, kindness, courage, optimism, power and perseverance. In the same way that we challenge our muscles by lifting heavier weights (and thereby grow stronger), we may challenge our attitude and live a more fulfilling life. Source–which is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient–supports us. We get to choose. Such is our power; such is our freedom; such is our birthright–if only we will claim it!

This world can attempt to exert a negative effect; but such cannot occur without our permission. On any given day, we can see the news and watch reports of terrible atrocities. We can listen to neighbours and hear them complain about politics, the weeds in their lawn, or the cost of a loaf of bread. Or, we may exercise our right to view the world through our own perspective. Through the use of deliberate focus and intention, we may turn our back to dark skies and face the light. And the next time someone asks “What colour is the sky in your world?” we may confidently and unapologetically reply My sky is blue.”

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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Dismantling Fences

There is an old saying which states that “fences make good neighbours.” Although this may seem a logical way to deal with conflicts that invariably arise due to the human condition, it is a shortsighted solution. On a larger scale, building fences–even mending fences–leaves us subject to judgmental behaviour that ignores our shared oneness. Relying on the mentality of the masses, which is always fluctuating, only serves to separate us from the good that inherently unites us. Our only hope for lasting peace amongst neighbours and nations lies in dismantling our minds’ fences…forever. Below, is only one example of what can occur when we truly don’t know one another:

December 1, 1955: On a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, the bus driver orders Rosa Parks and three other riders to give up their seats in the coloured section because the white’s only section is filled. Rosa refuses to do so. As a result, she is arrested for civil disobedience and later fined ten dollars for violating segregation laws, plus an additional four dollars for court fees. A court case is launched and a bus boycott ensues for more than a year. The Supreme Court finally rules that segregation laws are unconstitutional. Throughout this time, and for years afterward, Rosa and her family receive death threats…for standing up for rights and basic dignities that should be–MUST BE–afforded to All.

At what level do we do begin to dismantle fences? Nothing short of a spiritual approach will yield the best effect. However, there is a common misconception that spirituality and enlightenment (which may be defined as waking from apparent personhood through recognition of our True Self) is something that is done; an activity that will add a beneficial dimension to our life and make us better persons–in much the same way that someone might pad a resumé. To be interested in matters spiritual might even be conceptualized as something namby pamby; an activity to be shunned by those who have better activities with which to occupy their time. Nothing could be further from the truth.

To embark upon a spiritual quest is the bravest–most important–journey we will ever undertake. It is a figurative journey that involves travelling from conditioned ignorance to an awareness of our True Being. Such is a courageous act because recognition of True Self–by definition–requires that we surrender the false self, with whom we’ve identified for the majority of our so-called personal life. Such can involve a tremendous amount of pain; for it requires that we surrender our pride, historical story, and every triumph which we may have held dear. In short, we realize that our trophies never belonged to us; for there is truly no one here to receive them. True enlightenment is not freedom as the self; it is freedom from the self.

Until we see the Truth beyond our own mask (the name and form identity called “me“) it’s literally impossible for us to see the true nature of those with whom we share this planet. Spiritual teachings may, at best, lead to more civilized and tolerant behaviour; but such is not the solution. It can lead to the smug piousness that turns individuals away from the subject of spirituality. The solution is to directly experience our Oneness; for through this knowledge–lived–our fences fall down of their own accord.

The journey to Self–and a better world–requires that we engage a deep sense of earnest curiosity; a daringness to discover That which is beyond the egoic costume which masquerades as our identity. Such a journey holds unparalleled value; for when we discover the Truth within ourselves, we, thus, are enabled to see It shining as the glorious identity in everyone of varying class, colour, and nationality. With clear insight from our heart, we realize that persons on the opposite side of the fence are, indeed, not others; they are ourself.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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Tale of a Coffee Maker

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, there lived a wealthy king. He owned many great possessions–castles, prized stallions, and land as far as the eye could see. Of all of his possessions, however, the fairest of all was his coffee maker. For years, the coffee maker had brewed countless cups of coffee to the king’s delight. He happily anticipated his first cup each and every day.

One morning, however, a pall fell over the servants working in the kitchen. Bernard, the king’s faithful servant, delivered the news: “Dear Sire,” said Bernard, “I have something of great bearing to share with thee.”

“Speak,” said the king. “What have thee to tell me?”

Nervously Bernard shifted before the king. “Thy prized coffee maker, Sire; it has stopped working. A descaler symbol is present. We know not what to do.”

A grave expression fell upon the king’s face. Several moments passed in silence before he spoke. “We shall fix it. Surely there must be a way!”

“I have heard rumour,” said Bernard, “of desclaling tablets that can be added to the water to reverse the buildup of lime.”

“Really?” said the king. He scratched his chin as he contemplated the situation. “Then go ye yonder and fetch these descaling tablets and fixeth the problem!”

“Yes, my Sire,” said Bernard. He bowed, departed, and then mounted the king’s fastest steed. For a full day he rode hard and long, searching the neighbouring kingdoms for the fabled tablets. After great effort–with the steed nearly dead–he located the tablets. They were as gold to him; he guarded them with his life. When he returned to the castle, he directed his fellow servants to follow the instructions carefully. Accordingly, they added one tablet to a full tank of water and cycled the mixture through the coffee maker. Eagerly Bernard waited. And waited some more. Alas, when the tank of water had run through, the descaling symbol was still present.

The following day, the king summoned Bernard to his great chamber. “How fare thee with my prized coffee maker?”

“Dear Sire,” said Bernard with great trepidation, “I bear news that is not fair. Thy coffee maker still does not work! I fear we shall have to throw it out and get another!”

“Get another coffee maker!” bellowed the king. “But I don’t want another coffee maker! It is my favourite! I want my coffee maker fixed, for it is the fairest in the land! Fix thee back to the kitchen and attend to the problem!”

“But, but…” stammered Bernard.

“There shall be no buts about it! Fix the problem!”

Bernard departed and conferred with the other servants. On the second attempt, they placed two descaling tablets in the water. The result was the same: the descaling symbol still remained. A great fear befell the servants for the situation appeared hopeless. The following day, Bernard was again summoned by the king.

“How fare thee?” asked the king.

Bernard’s mournful expression told it all. “I fear, dear Sire, that the problem cannot be fixed.” He shrugged his shoulders and said, “We know not what to do.”

The king directed Bernard to sit before him. “I want you to listen well,” said the king. I have a story to tell you about my good friend Henry Ford, inventor of the automobile.”

Before he could control himself, Bernard spoke out of turn. “But, Sire,” said Bernard, obviously perplexed, “how can that be? Henry Ford is from a future era and cannot possibly be related to this tale.”

The king’s countenance became stern; his voice gruff. “Dost thou pretend to doubt my word?” said the king.

“Nay,” said Bernard, slumping back into his chair. “Continue, please, dear Sire.”

That’s better, said the king. “Well, when my dear friend Henry Ford–who invented the assembly line and automobile–directed his engineers to design and build a V-8 engine that could be fashioned in a single casting, his engineers insisted that it couldn’t be done! They said it was impossible, but Henry decreed that it would be done! Again and again his engineers faced failure, but Henry stood his ground. Ultimately, his belief won out; and as a result his company outsold all of his competitors. I am decreeing no less a task from you. Fix my coffee maker…now! It is because we “believe” that it can be done that it “will be” done!

“Yes, my Sire,” said Bernard. He shrank his way from the king and hastened to the kitchen.

After much deliberation with the other servants, Bernard decided that this time they would dissolve three descaling tablets in the water. He cycled the solution through the coffee maker and waited desperately, hoping for the best. This was his day to rise and shine–he must! Ten minutes passed. Twenty minutes. Thirty…until the last drop of solution had finally flowed through the king’s prized coffee maker. And…lo?

The descaling symbol had disappeared! The solution had worked! All of the servants rejoiced and there was great merriment in the kitchen. Without delay, Bernard directed a fellow servant to make the king a cup of his favourite coffee (milk only, nudge). He then took it to the king post haste.

This time it was the king’s look that told it all. He lifted the cup of coffee from the silver tray that Bernard was holding before him. “Ahh,” said the king after his first sip of coffee. “Now, do you see the importance of continuing to believe and try?”

“Yes, Sire,” said Bernard. Yes, indeed.”

* * *

And of our real dreams–of improved health, greater wealth, better relationships–that add meaning to our days and hold the promise of a greater future? Hold on, hold on, hold on! Their achievement may be much closer than you realize. One more faithful attempt may make all of the difference. So often it does.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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By Their Fruits

How may we better know what persons, businesses, and even cities or countries deem important? I suggest that we may gain a sense of their innermost values and motives by their fruits. Their fruits (works) are the reflection of an inner creative urge. Many of you will realize that this expression comes from the Bible. The actual passage is from Matthew 7:16:

Ye shall know them by their fruits.

Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?”

Please let me be clear: I’m not pretending to be a theologian; the following is my interpretation only. I believe the passage is advising us how to know whether a person has recognized the Truth of their Being. If so, their work will reflect that it is being performed for the good of everyone. If the work seems to be motivated by selfishness and self-centeredness, such would indicate that the perspective of the body-mind is still ruling.

The modern way of expressing the same message is well known: Actions speak louder than words. I’m not suggesting that we should apply this knowledge in a judgmental way. My intention is to help us learn how to express our best qualities through sincere behavior that elevates all of us. Some introspection via the following questions may help us to better understand ourselves and persons with whom we interact:

  • Do “they” habitually give…or take? What’s true of me?
  • Do “they” habitually arrive on time…or show up late? What’s true of me?
  • Do “they” habitually criticize and speak negatively…or offer support and positivitiy? What’s true of me?
  • Do “they habitually keep their promises…or rarely, if ever? What’s true of me?
  • Do they habitually say they’re going to try…or do they deliver? What’s true of me?
  • Do they habitually pay on time…or attempt to dodge their debts? What’s true of me?
  • Do they habitually “walk the talk”…or only talk? What’s true of me?
  • Do they habitually deliver the best goods and services possible…or attempt to get away with shoddy work? What’s true of me?

The list could have been much longer; for the questions can be raised about every aspect of life. In truth, the list isn’t about others; it’s really about taking a look at ourselves and the manner in which we live and move and have our being. We have enormous potential within us; and when we express our highest ideal, not our lowest, the world and our experiences in it dramatically improve. The true question is this: “What is the nature of the fruit by which we will be known?”

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

Most persons are familiar with the expression that serves as the title of this article. We know it means that wolves are masquerading as sheep in an effort to conceal their harmful intentions. A cartoon image of a grinning wolf tiptoeing into a meadow full of grazing sheep might come to mind. In the real world, sheep instinctively realize the wolves’ ulterior motives; they know that wolves pose a threat. We, however, may be unaware of the thought wolves that are sabotaging our efforts to manifest the results we desire.

The leader of the pack of thought wolves we’re going to examine is named Worry. If we give it opportunity (and many persons do), Worry would persuade us to believe that it actually serves a useful purpose. Worse yet, Worry would have us believe that it’s the same as Love–that worrying about others demonstrates just how much we care!  A cunning predator, it pretends to be a warm and innocent helpful servant. It is anything but!

We are wise to completely avoid Worry; for it can never lead to good outcomes. In truth, worrying is actually planning for that which we don’t desire to occur. It’s also addictive. It paces back and forth in our mind, trying to con individuals into believing that we benefit by getting together with friends and worrying (different from solution-based sharing) about our personal and professional problems. Conversely, being prepared and applying constructive and creative thought can yield tremendous results; because both keep the channels of inspiration open. Not so with worry.

The second thought wolf on our list–Perfection–is almost as detrimental as Worry. In fact, in many ways, it’s even more treacherous. Although it appears shiny and harmless, it can prevent us from taking steps to achieve our goals. It lurks in the mind, whispering that we should never undertake a new goal unless we can guarantee a flawless outcome. And when we logically admit that we can’t offer such a guarantee, Perfection–heeded–pats us on the back while stopping us in our tracks.

Three other thought wolves to be aware of are named Procrastination, Impatience, and Self-Doubt. Oh, how they love to howwwll. We can easily understand how this pack could–if given opportunity–huff and puff and blow our house (and dreams) down. We needn’t be fooled. There are many more wolves and habits; but as we practice the Law of Attraction, we’ll more easily discern between thoughts that serve and thoughts that don’t. Thus, we’ll more easily and effectively achieve our dreams. Thoughts practiced become the habits that govern our lives. We are wise to keep the wolves outside, where they belong. Another one of my articles, Are You Watching, may also help improve the results you’re achieving.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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Let Your Kite Soar

Although times change, the theme of life remains more or less consistent. It challenges us to grow. The world is currently going through some very challenging times. All of us are well aware, both personally and collectively, of their nature. We also realize the importance of focusing on solutions, as opposed to problems; for what we focus upon expands in our life. We know that by sowing STRENGTH, COURAGE and FAITH in our daily life, we will ultimately harvest results that reflect those positive attributes.

This short article is intended to offer a spark that may help ignite your hope, your passion, and your trust that all will be okay–no matter what happens. With that in mind, I offer a short poem I wrote in my thirties:

Flying Kites

Once upon a grey September day,

I strolled into a park in which

A young boy was flying his kite–

So high I thought he’d surely run out of string.

Time swept me away as I watched him.

With muscles taut, and arms pumping,

He skillfully weaved his kite across the sky,

Slicing it through clouds that fell apart in its wake.

The wind was gusting like an angry billow,

But this young boy, undaunted,

Let his kite fly higher, and higher still.

He was fearless!

He reminded me

Of my lost, kite-flying days

When I’d tried to fly my kite

And failed.

My kite always seemed to catch the trees

Or slam headfirst into the ground.

When dusk was falling,

I walked to this young, gifted pilot

As he was reeling in his kite.

When I looked more closely

I could see that his kite was different

Than the kite I’d crashed so many times.

His kite was homemade, shaped somewhat like a box,

With parts that had been taped and glued and mended.

I asked the boy his name and age

And complimented him on his kite and his skill.

“Ah, heck,” replied this boy of nine,

“My kites wouldn’t fly at all last year.

I crashed six of my favourites,

But I just dragged them home,

Fixed them,

And tried again.”

We talked awhile longer,

But when we departed to go our separate ways,

I took his lesson with me.

– R. Arthur Russell –


Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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Haven’t Been My”Self” Lately

Ronald “Arthur” Russell, circa – 1959

Through the recognition of Truth, I haven’t been my”self” for the last two years. In fact, we can never actually be the little self (the body-mind, person) that lays claim to our life; but it sure appears that way. The error occurs due to a gross assumption, which, by and large, goes unnoticed. In my case, every joy and every sorrow, every failure and success sure seemed to belong to me–Art Russell, the little guy in the photo above. We can never actually be the bundle of sensations, images, feelings, thoughts, memory, and perceptions (the little “i”) that perpetually masquerades as the sum total of our identity. The little self is only the costumed actor who plays our role during the current performance of “My Life.” The Real “I”–Spirit–has always been with us; off stage, behind the scenes. It is safe, secure, and untouched by any of the human drama.

My little “self” (the apparent thief of identity) did an incredible job of fooling me. Deep within, I had a strong lurking sense that there was far more to us than meets the eye or psyche; but, by and large, I was knowingly disconnected from awareness of my True Self. As a result, there was a significant degree of suffering. That’s what occurs when we’ve strayed too far from the Truth of our Being, to turn us in the right direction. Attempting to keep the costumed “actor” happy is a full time job. It is exhausting; for the false self is rarely content for long. It judges every situation and circumstance; and any happiness that it apparently experiences is always of a relatively fleeting nature.

I share this information to attempt to lighten the load that you may be carrying unnecessarily. When we discover our True Self, everything about our life and the world becomes so much lighter. We regain a playfulness and contentment that we may not have felt since childhood. Yes, there will still be work required to be done–and it will be; but it will be performed with a sense of detached lightness. The perspective that “is” our True Self allows us to view the world and our place within it from a position of wisdom. We live with trust in our heart; rather than by mind-dominated fearfulness. We feel expansive and free; rather than isolated and in competition.

What do I hope that readers may take away from this article, beyond a cool lesson in rocking horse technique? The following:

  • We are all children of One Creator.
  • We are all deserving of Love and respect.
  • We are all on an incredible journeythe story of our life.
  • Each and every one of us has purpose; we are here for a reason.

The journey to recognition of our True Self is one of the most exciting journeys that any of us will ever undertake. It is beyond comparison. It need not be overwhelming. During the process, you’ll most likely realize that you’ve been carrying a lot of negative baggage that, in honesty, belongs only to the false self. You are not the body-mind. On a given day, you may experience startling revelations; or weep tears of joy as you let go of painful emotions. You might begin by nurturing your earnest curiosity and asking: “Who Am Ireally?” Hint: It’s not who you think you are.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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