Reasons for Oneness: #119, 104

Dear Everyone,

I hope that you’ll find that the content of my latest video a meaningful reason to go within and discover that deeper dimension of true Self.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


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8 thoughts on “Reasons for Oneness: #119, 104

  1. One of my favorites Frankl quotes is : “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” What a powerful reminder that we can stand strong within our own conviction that we are powerful beings. No matter how horrendous the outer appearances, we are the master of our own ship. Thank you for a wonderful reminder, Art.

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    1. Thank you, Julia, for sharing that amazing quote. This was the heart of the message that Bob Proctor shared, when I first found out about the book. This is so important…to know that we can govern ourselves, if we choose.
      Thank you for taking the time to share your insights! It’s always so nice to hear from you. 🙏🏻

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