Party Of The Heart

The mind and its persistent “i” informs us that we are all different; that we appear in a multitude and diversity of name and form. Some are short and others tall; some are big and others small; some are young and others old; some are shy and others bold. With know-it-all authority, it adamantly proclaims that we are limited to the edges of our skin; that a separate “i” resides within my container of flesh and bones and that a “you” resides within yours.

Of colour and class, status and nation, it has its favourites. To all, (including itself), it judges fair or foul; worthy or unworthy. In judgments that are often ruthless and swift, it deems that some are friends but more are foes. In private, the “i” of mind is almost always competing in varying degrees; its aim is to win! Its version of happiness, which is always brief and fleeting, is dependent on circumstances fashioned from fool’s gold; it contains nothing real and lasting. Even a first-place win often contains the need to do so again repeatedly. Its core energy is divisive.

The good news, for those seeking to knowingly recognize their essential nature, is that beyond the apparent boundaries of the body and the blind assumptions of the mind, lies the unitive energy of Truth–a placeless place of transcendent beauty, peace, and LOVE. Here, all are welcome. In the Now, everyone is accepted as we are. There is no need to fear or boast, for such is realized as behaviour befitting illusory selves, “who know not what they do.”


Today, in this article, I invite you to a limitless Party of The Heart–a party in which everyone is not only welcome but also celebrated and applauded. To attend, you need not qualify or prove your worth in any way; your ticket is your very BEing. You’re worthy because you are a child of God. Please trust me, you’re more than enough–here, now, forever. You need bring no-thing; for that, indeed, is what we, Spirit, are.

Dare to Dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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4 thoughts on “Party Of The Heart

    1. Thanks, Wynne! In nonduality teaching, there is still the acknowledgment that there “appear” to be others; it’s just that the understanding is that “all” is witnessed within Consciousness.


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