Roar, With Spiritual Heart

Bring It On.” Can you imagine the stance of someone brave enough (not cocky or arrogant) to utter those words? Can you picture the way that he or she might stand? Slumping–or standing straight and tall? Head down–or level headed? Shoulders rolled–or squared back? Eyes averted–or clearly focused? Does such an individual appear nervous and fidgety–or calm and full of coiled energy? The difference between the two is at the heart of today’s article. We’re going to dive deep, beneath the mask of personhood, and expose the Source of our Being.

Conditioned to believe in their smallness, so many persons–existing fearfully from day to day–pray to have an easy life; a life in which they somehow manage to tiptoe through the maze of personhood, living the so-called “good life.” For these individuals, success might mean to reach the apparent end of the labyrinth and fall, while sleeping, into their waiting grave. For these individuals, such may seem a perfectly sound strategy for navigating this human world. Is it really wise? In my humble opinion, “No.” Why? Because life often delivers circumstances that surprise and shock us. They will be faced one way or another.

Please let me be clear: I am not saying that I pray for challenges–far from it. All of us who temporarily inhabit this place called Earth will naturally encounter our fair share of them. The difference that I desire to relate is the manner with which we approach such challenges. Do we meet them as a timid person, or do we dare to meet them from a dimension of Self that roars with spiritual heart? There is a part of you that is the same part of me–in fact, every person on our almost eight billion. That, which is One, is utterly FEARLESS. Why? Because in Truth, there is nothing outside of IT-Self of which to be afraid. Through recognition of That, we can stare fear straight in the eyes and courageously mouth, “I Am That I Am.” That is enough.

If I had one prayer to share in this article, it would be this: “May I knowingly recognize that dimension within myself–That ‘IS’ Myself–that is boundless, eternal, and connected to my divine Creator. Let me know the way to overcome my challenges; and also to help others know that they, too, may triumph.”

How do we find that dimension? The Truth is that we–already–are That. We cannot–“not”–be That. That, which is Spirit, is our identifying spots of a leopard; the mane of a lion; the high flight of an eagle. To rise in power and courage, we need only slough off the false identity that we’ve been conditioned to accept as real. It is not! I am not the body; I am not the mind. I Am SpiritHear Me Roar!

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


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Emptying The Cup

The cup to which the title of this article refers is the cup of personhood. It is a cup comprised of sensations, images, feelings, thoughts, and deeply held beliefs and memories; all of which have led the majority of beings into the very heart of darkness and ignorance. The problem is that we are unaware that we’re unaware; therefore, we continue to live at a superficial level of understanding. At a deeper dimension, however, we know that something is amiss. In Awakening Mystical Consciousness, Joel Goldsmith (a noted spiritual teacher and healer) expressed the following: “There is no Truth to be known about man.” So true.

How could this be possibly be? Because this whole realm is founded upon a sham. Although we appear to be human (for everything outwardly supports this assumption), in Truth we are not. We are Spirit, aka Consciousness. The problem is that we have been deeply conditioned to believe that we are persons. Consciousness is actually the creator of body-minds and all other objects. To investigate this matter (rather than to merely scoff at my audacity for stating such in print), we must enter the still silence of meditation, with the detached aim of knowingly re-discovering our essential nature. This does not occur by accretion; for we need not add anything to become what we naturally are. Meditation is only the means by which we allow that which is false to fall away.

“Empty yourself completely.”

“Give up all ideas about yourself and simply be.”

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj: I Am That (page 188)

To discover what is Real, it is absolutely necessary that our cup be emptied of the false “self,” of all that we have previously believed to be true. We must willingly surrender all of our “I-did-this” tales, personal trophies, and medals pinned to our chest. Pride, which is a human trait, must be abandoned. It attempts to chain us by iron handcuffs (negative traits, for which we are ashamed) and even more strongly by golden handcuffs (positive traits, for which we boast). When this is first attempted, we will discover that the false “me” with whom we have erroneously identified, will rail. The ego (known by various personal names) will protest that such is nonsense; it will clutch its petty stories of victories and woes as though they were cherished prizes. How the ego loves its trivial accounts of triumph over tragedy, success over failure, strength over weakness! In Truth, all are nothing but story upon story.

If we’re searching for true Self, we must empty the cup, by whatever name and form it is known. We must recognize that all of our life events have been fiction; little more than bedtime stories intended to frighten or enthrall. We are not now the body-mind–and never have been! Consciousness is our true nature, now and forever. The good news is that once we pour out that which we are not, we have room to be knowingly filled with the Truth of our Being. Paradoxically, it is then–and only then–that we may say that our cup runneth over.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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Ride-Out Day At Spirit Hall Ten

It was Manuel’s first ride-out day at Spirit Hall Ten. The previous few months had been spent in the college classroom; but now he was going to have the opportunity to experience the practical side of saving lives. A banner just inside the entrance to Spirit Hall Ten read: “Humbly Deflating Egos Since 1882.” His preceptor, Michael, greeted him at the door and introduced him to his partner “Buster” (as he was affectionately called) and his colleagues who would be using the second rig at the hall. “My boots haven’t looked that shiny since–never,” quipped Michael with a smile as he pointed to Manuel’s footwear. Manuel blushed; he had wanted to make a good first impression.

After all of the gear had been checked on the rigs, the crews of Spirit Hall Ten retired to the crew room. A few poured cups of coffee; others began to make a light breakfast. Within minutes, the emergency tones blared, and a dispatcher’s voice said: “Respond for a 99 slash 1. Repeat, 99 slash 1. More details on the air.” The other crew, who was first up, stopped what they were doing and smartly headed out to their rig.

“Your turn will come,” said Buster, noticing the glimmer in Manuel’s eyes.

“What’s a 99 slash 1?” asked Manuel.

“Your teachers haven’t taught you that yet?” asked Buster

“Nope,” said Manuel. “Dispatch codes aren’t until next semester.”

“A 99/1 is one of the most dangerous calls in the book. It’s when the body-mind, aka person, is extremely out of balance–99% human, with only 1% recall of Spirit.”

“That sounds bad,” said Manuel.

“It is,” said Buster. “Balance is key. Most persons forget to nurture the Spirit.”

“Have you ever gone to a 100/0?”

Oh, here we go, thought Michael, with a soft wince. He sat down on the couch; for he knew the direction that the conversation was headed.

“You might want to pull up a chair, ” said Buster. “I remember it like it was…yesterday.”

(Insert flashback scene lighting and music here):


“What do we have?” asked Buster as he approached the police officer on scene.

“It doesn’t sound good,” said the officer. He tipped back his hat. “I’ve already talked to the family members. It seems the patient’s been using ‘I, Me, My, and Mine’ excessively for the last few weeks. There was nothing they could do to stop him.”

“You had a look at him yet?”

“Only through the living room window,” said the officer. “I know this is your field of expertise.”

Buster hustled back to the rig to get his equipment. Michael and he knew they had to follow the book on this call. Only one of them would be allowed to attend. It was too dangerous to place both of them at risk. When he returned a few minutes later, he was carrying a kit of Deflato SyringesTM and a ten-foot extension pole with a pin attached at the end. He had donned his protective chest shield, helmet, boots, and gloves. He was about to turn toward the residence, when the officer called, “Just so you know, he’s bloated…real bad.”

It took a belly crawl, a dash this way, and a scoot that way for Buster to make his way close to the patient. He tip-toed the last few steps into the dim-lighted living room. The air was filled with the unmistakable putrid stench of ego. The patient appeared unconsciousness; his respirations irregular and shallow. He was wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with “It’s All About Me” His entire body was bloated like an overinflated balloon.

Years of experience told Buster that the situation was beyond the use of syringes. The patient was so full of himself that only the pole and pin would do. If he could just deflate that ego a…little…at…a…time. Inching closer, chin tucked toward his chest, he was about to apply the pin, when the patient suddenly exploded: BAA-BOOMMM! Windows shattered, floor boards up heaved, and Buster was catapulted across the room. When he gathered his senses, all that Buster could see were signs of ego splattered everywhere. Pride was stuck to the ceiling; ignorance and arrogance covered the walls; the glop of lust, fear, envy, jealousy, greed, anger, and hatred were dripping from the furniture. There was nothing he could do.


“You okay?” called Michael. “You okay?”

“Uh, huh,” said Buster, obviously shaken by the traumatic memory of the call. He took a deep breath and blinked. Everything was fine; they were safe and sound at Spirit Hall Ten.

Manuel looked pale, indeed. “You know,” he said to Buster, “my mom always wanted me to be an accountant. I’ve always been good with numbers. I think I’ll serve humanity that way.” And with that, he got up, grabbed his books, and exited Spirit Hall Ten without looking back.


We’ll conclude this article with a quote from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, borrowed from I Am That: “The real doesn’t die; the unreal never lived.” You’re Spirit, folks–now and forever.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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Word, Words, Words

Words, words, words, you say–nothing more than words! No, my friend, we are told in John 1:1 that in the beginning was the word; so it was–and still remains. Words are incredibly powerful–far mightier than the sword. Therefore, use them–and choose them–wisely. In The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel, he stated that “words are but the cloaks of thought.” By that, he meant that words are but spoken thoughts; conversely, thoughts are but silent words. Why, should this matter? Because our habitual thoughts, words, and actions are determining the very quality of our life. What is impressed upon the mind–especially with feeling–will be expressed. What we’re telling ourselves literally “matters.”

If all of this seems like so much mumbo jumbo, please continue reading to give yourself a chance at understanding the depths of what’s being shared. The placebo effect is well known–it has been for centuries. Have you not heard of old wives’ tales in which warts were “cured” by having the “patient” rub them with bacon, or perform some other bizarre ritual? And yet, the warts disappeared; depending on the faith of the patient; the cure had nothing to do with the actual efficacy of some potion. That’s the reason why the Bible has a verse such as the following, from Matthew 17:20: “…If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” What you may not know is that there is also an effect termed nocebo (to harm), which is related to habitually focusing on negative thoughts and feelings. Many of you have probably heard of someone who was informed that he/she only had six months to live and, instead, was dead within six days. The effects, you see, are related–at least in part–to what the patient believes.

You’ll understand the depths of this if you’re willing to consider–even though this is going to seem impossible to believe–that the world in which you’re seemingly immersed is a thought world made from Consciousness alone. Yes, this is a mental universe. If you doubt this (and I most certainly did) please consider what would be the most essential ingredient involved in having any experience. Could you know anything, could you experience an event, could you remember information in the absence of Consciousness? No, of course not. The linchpin of all is Consciousness. It is not produced by the brain–the body-mind is in Consciousness, of Consciousness, and known by Consciousness!

The affirmation in the photo at the top of this article is actually taken from my bedroom. I see it every day in passing. It’s based on the original from Charles F. Haanel, who was a New Thought teacher and successful businessman. His affirmation–which was considered ideal–read as follows: “I Am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” When I first read his affirmation many years ago, I admit that I found it challenging to state it with any authority. It just seemed like such a stretch to my rational mind. If you choose to use it, the affirmation may also challenge you; but I assure you that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so.

The point of this article is not to tell you to do anything; and I’m certainly not advising you to go against any medical advice if you’re seeking treatment or any kind. The point is to share knowledge that may be of assistance and help you live a more rewarding and successful life. I’ll leave you with another passage from the Bible, found in Phillipians 4:8: “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” Coincidence that the message is so positive?

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


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“I Will Fear No Evil”

As most of you probably realize, the title of this article is derived from Psalm 23. Please imagine with me, if you will, that it could actually be possible to “fear no evil.” Consider how much more light-heartedly we would go about our activities. In this day and age, our minds are literally bombarded with such a degree of negative and frightening news that such has been accepted as normal. Imagine how good it would feel to shrug off the heavy burden of worry that most persons carry. Is this delusional–even mad–to suggest that it’s possible to fear no evil? No, dear friends, it’s not. When we know more about our essential nature, we can, indeed, fear no evil. Before we dive deeper into the article, I offer the 23rd Psalm in full for you to contemplate:


The Lord is my shepherd;
I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul:
he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil:
for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:
thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.


I’d like to share a few facts that may have a bearing on whether you take anything of value away from reading this article. I openly admit that I’m not a Biblical scholar–not even close; I don’t own a Bible (although I’m certainly not against the idea); and I haven’t attended a formal church service for years. Why does such an unlikely candidate send messages of spiritual rebirth out into the world? Because the heart–once opened–cannot turn away. I admit this just in case you’re tempted to close your mind based on past experiences related to overzealous teachers of religion. The knowledge that I share has been gained by reading countless books about spirituality and the Law of Attraction; and the ideas and content for my articles is largely intuited spontaneously. It’s my hope that by sharing the articles, readers may be inspired to investigate the nature of their Being and, thus, be spared needless suffering that’s associated with the human condition. Onward…

I apply a logical approach to the subjects of consciousness, spirituality, and the law of attraction–and with good reason. In my opinion, a bridge built solely from belief–without the supporting structure of understanding–will always be too weak to support a crossing from ignorance to knowing. To be able to share that it’s possible to truly live without fear, it’s not enough that I just state this and walk away–I’d be abandoning you. I must build a case that will help you know–directly–that such is true.

To know that it’s possible to live without fearing evil, we must understand a few key points:

  • Fear belongs to the body-mind, aka, the person. You may be thinking, “Hey, wait a minute, bucko, I thought you said that I could live without fear evil, and now you’ve just contradicted yourself!” I hear what you’re saying. To understand this more fully, please read the next point.
  • You’re not the body-mind. The body-mind (person) is rendered totally via the mind. To support this, I’d like to offer a quote from The Tibetan Book of The Dead: “Phenomena only ‘exist’ in the mind that perceives them.” Another quote, borrowed from a book of esoteric knowledge entitled The Kybalion, supports this: “The All is mind; the Universe is mental.” You might add to this by asking yourself whether it could ever be possible to have an experience without consciousness. No, indeed, consciousness is the very linchpin of experience.
  • Consciousness is not created by the brain. Although the majority of persons on this planet assume that there is a little “i” located somewhere behind their forehead, there is not. That this could possibly be true is easily verified by a search on the internet. Please enter “The hard problem of consciousness” in your browser. You’ll find many interesting articles and discover that the term was first coined by David Chalmers, an Australian philosopher and cognitive scientist. Science has basically assumed that consciousness arises from neural processes. It doesn’t.
  • Matter doesn’t exist. That’s right, you read correctly; matter doesn’t exist (independent of the mind, that is). “But, how the heck can that possibly be?” I can hear you asking. “I exist, and I’m pretty darn real!” The answer is that so-called matter is rendered via the mind. It seems as “real” as “real” can be. Please do another internet search and look up the famous “Double-Slit Experiment,” which was first performed by Thomas Young. Quantum physicists have known for more than a hundred years that light can behave as both a wave and a particle; and that the observer is exerting an effect with regard to what is witnessed. So-called matter is comprised of packets of energy that are flashing in and out of existence at an incredible rate.
  • Human life is a dream. To understand this fully, we must realize that what most persons erroneously assume to be “reality” is actually the Waking State. It’s similar to the nighttime dream state, but is more clearly defined and has a continuing plotline. When asked about the difference between the two states, Ramana Maharshi (who was a realized sage) replied: “Waking is long and dream short; other than this there is no difference. Just as waking happenings seem real while awake, so do those in a dream while dreaming.”
  • You’re true Self is Awareness, aka Consciousness. You are an aspect of God. As such, you are an eternal Being. Logically, if what is happening now–this very minute as my body-mind apparently types these words–is a dream, what is there to fear? This may help you understand why the following line is included in Psalm 23: “Yea, though I walk through the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” Do you find “shadow” an interesting choice of words?
  • God is All There Is, playing a multiplicity and diversity of forms, including your body-mind and mine. By spending a little time in meditation, you may realize–directly–that you can witness your sensations, images, feelings, and thoughts. They are not who you are! You can also witness your body; for it is also an object in consciousness–not the subject of Being as you have been conditioned to assume. The true YOU is prior to the mind.
  • I also offer a link to a presentation by Rupert Spira, one of the finest teachers of non duality (Oneness). Press here, if you’re interested in watching it.

And there you have it, dear friends–my attempt to explain why it’s possible to actually live without fear. The key is to Know Thyself. The great news is that when we realize Truth, we’re free to live so much more fully. Go now…live your dreams!

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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Which Maketh the Sun to Shine

When I was a young child, someone taught me that 2 + 2 = 4. Someone else taught me how to tie my shoelaces. Due to the efforts of someone else, I learned how to use a knife and fork. To those persons, and countless others, I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude. The scope and range of that which we’ve learned collectively is truly miraculous. Along our journey, I hope we’ve not only expressed gratitude for what we’ve learned, but also recognized the importance of paying forward to other persons who may benefit. The following quote from Sir Isaac Newton succinctly sums up the principle involved:

If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

It is in that spirit of sharing that I offer this article; to “point” to an understanding (although unrelatable in terms of words–for it must be experienced directly) that will make the biggest difference in how you approach your so-called life. The giants to whom I feel most deeply indebted are more appropriately called mahatmas (Sanskrit, great souls); for they, having realized the origin of their Being, made great efforts to share Truth in whatever way possible. For those of us who are thirsty for the answer to the ultimate question (Who Am I?), they literally served as Fountains of Truth.

Why is such a seemingly silly question so important? Because the human condition is fraught with despair, especially for those who are 100 percent identified with–and invested in–their body-mind. From the human perspective, most of us realize that no sooner does life seem “just right” than it slides to its polar opposite of “all wrong.” Death of a loved one, a major health crisis, loss of a home, and financial concerns–these are only a few of the troubling scenarios that we may encounter. Such often provoke deep despair. However, what if there was a solution? What if Truth could, indeed, set us free? It can, my friends, it can. An understanding of That, which is Absolute Truth, is available to all of us here and now; and it can alleviate so much of our suffering. It is not subject to opinion, belief, or assumption. In the hope that some of the following may resonate with you on an intuitive basis, let’s begin:


How can you be certain that you are not–now–dreaming? Is it because your so-called personal life seems so very real? If that is your reply, is it not also true that last night’s dreams also seemed real? What happened to the environment–perhaps a scorching desert, or rolling green fields–that seemed so real in the dream? Where are the accompanying dream persons and objects now? If you state that last night’s dream was but a dream, but–THIS–is made of real stuff, could it be that you have only assumed such to be true? Could investigation into your real nature reveal more? Here, I offer you a quote from Why Lazarus Laughed by Wei Wu Wei:

The mind that dreams our dreams,

dreams as convincingly as the mind that dreams our so-called waking life.

If you scoff that such could not possibly be true, perhaps a story that’s often used in ancient teachings may serve us. Please imagine the following, if you will:

Several persons are standing outside on a bright summer’s day. In front of them, a pail filled with water is placed at their feet. As each person gazes into the pail, he/she assumes that a sun is shining from within each pail. The reason for this is innocent ignorance (simply: “not knowing”). We, of course, realize it is only a reflection of the one-and-only sun that appears in each pail.

The account is a metaphor that is used to teach us that our apparently personal consciousness is but a reflection of Universal Consciousness. There is only one Source of Consciousness, and “That” is God. There is nothing to be gained by clinging to the dualistic viewpoint that each of us is a separate self with a personal consciousness. To believe so is the cause of great suffering. The so-called “hard problem of consciousness” (which assumes that the brain gives rise to individual consciousness) is hard because THE BRAIN DOES NOT GIVE RISE TO CONSCIOUSNESS! Please consider this: Does the core of you–the Real You–seem to have aged? No doubt, the body-mind that is fifty years of age appears different than a body-mind of twenty-five or five; but does Consciousness–the “YOU”–by which experience is known feel as though it has aged? Are you 100% certain that you are the body-mind, or is it true (yes!) that the body-mind and the world only appear when the waking state is present? Our essential nature is Consciousness eternal, aka God, Braham, or The Absolute. Perhaps the following messages from books about non-duality (Oneness) may help:

The first is borrowed from I Am That by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj:

The second is borrowed from Who Am I? by Sri Ramana Maharshi:

The third is borrowed from Open Secret by Wei Wu Wei:

From Amrut Laya, The Stateless State by Shri Sadguru Siddhameshwar Maharaj:

The Self is the doer of everything. The sun owes its status and light to the Self.

If not for the Self, the sun would not even be called the Sun.”

To realize the Truth of our Being it’s necessary to investigate the validity of the little “i” that you’ve assumed yourself to be. Could it be an imposter? A mere fabricatioin of the mind? We must also be willing to surrender the assumption that we are the doers of our actions. We are not; our body-minds are moved according to forces within the dream. That we would erroneously believe that we are the person is understandable; for since birth–into this apparent dream called human life–we’ve been informed by persons (who were innocently ignorant of their true nature) that we are body-mind. We are not. As Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj stated: “To be a person is to be asleep.

The body-mind (the person) is rendered completely by Consciousness, which is the Creator of everything. True Self (Consciousness, God) is eternal, immortal, and ever fresh. Space/time and the apparent world are pulsing in and out of apparent existence with incredible speed. Consciousness does not die, because it was never born. It just IS. We are an aspect of God, dreaming an apparent human experience. When we realize our true Self, we directly recognize (know again) That, which does, indeed, maketh the sun to shine. Let’s wrap up this article with a verse from John 1:3: “All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” Our body-mind, the world, and all objects are but dreamed. We are Spirit, eternal.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


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The “Discernment Show”

Backstage, in the Green Room,

ten minutes before the interview is about to begin:

Two guests, Mr. Ego-Head and Ms. IAmThatIAm, are sitting in chairs as the secretary to the host of the show preps them before going onstage. “So,” Ms. Hathaway, began, “because this is a live show, we’ve decided to set a timer for your replies–just to be fair about the interview. You’ll both be given three minutes in which to make your statement, and then the other guest will be given an opportunity to make a statement and/or a rebuttal. That sound, okay?”

Mr. Ego-Head said, “Certainly, Ms. Hathaway. Thanks so much for having me. By the way, that’s a lovely dress you’re wearing.”

“Certainly,” said Ms. IAmThatIAm with a smile.

“Great,” said Ms. Hathaway. “Let’s get you into your chairs onstage and we’ll roll in about five minutes.”



“Welcome, folks, I’m your host Donald Discerning; and this is the “The Discernment Show;” a show in which we get to the bottom of topics that range from ants in your pants to quantum physics to the use of the media to control the masses. Our guests today–who have widely differing approaches to life–are Mr. Ego-Head and Ms. IAmThatIAm (cue applause). Donald nodded to both of the guests and then said, “Welcome to both of you.”

“Thanks for having me,” said Mr. Ego-Head.

Ms. IAmThatIAm nodded, smiling.

“So,” continued Mr. Discerning, “we tossed a coin backstage (honestly, this has nothing to do with a guy named Art Russell guy who pretends to write these articles) and the toss went to Mr. Ego-Head. We’ll begin with you.”

A smile the size of Saskatchewan (hint: Canada) spread across Mr. Ego-Head’s face.

“If you will, please tell our viewing audience a little about your approach to life.”

“Well, Donald, thank you for asking. “Why, it was just the other day that a good friend of mine–a well-known professor at Yale–was asking me for advice about that very topic. I said to him, Barney, I’ll tell you the same points that I shared with the president. I said blah, blah, blah, blah, yada yada yada, blah, blah, blah, blah–and then I said yada blah blah, yada blah blah, yada blah, yada blah, yada yada, blah blah. Well of course, I laughed; and my friend just howled–he has such an infectious laugh! I tell you, I slapped my knee more than once! But it was important that he realized this:


3 Minutes

(Donald waves, in a polite attempt to get Mr. Ego-Head’s attention)


yada blah haha, yada blah haha. Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti do, MEEEEE-so-so, MEEEEE-so-so. La, la, la, la, laa laa laa. La, la, la, la, laa laa laa. This-life-is-all-about-ME and ME and ME and Me and MEEEEE. This-life-is-all-about-ME and ME and ME and Me and MEEEEE. Yada yada, bling, so-ho. Yada yada, bling, so-ho. He saw my point–he truly did. He said to me, you are so wise–perhaps the wisest man I’ve ever met. How fortunate I am to have a friend like you


13 Minutes

(Donald is standing, waving, stomping his feet; signaling for help from crew members back stage)


….and so I said to Sylvester, Stallone, that is, I said, ‘Sly, why don’t you do a film about boxing; you could call it Rocky.’ He wasn’t too sure, but thank goodness he listened to me. Rata tat, haha, rata tat, haha. I was a gifted child. Chug-a-chug, chug-a-chug, me me meeee. Chug-a-chug, me me meeee. Got straight A’s–in everything! Yada bling, yada bling, so so so. Steve–you know–Jobs, was once asking me for advice; and I said, ‘Why don’t you go with something fruity–maybe an apple, with a different look to it.’


47 minutes…and counting


(Crew Member One: “Can you get a bead on him?” Crew Member Two: “No, he keeps moving too much.”)



Donald Discerning fanned his hands at Ms. IAmThatIAm to signal there was nothing more he could do. Through it all, Ms. IAmThatIAm had remained peaceful and calmly detached. She appeared as though a serene bird that was perched high in a tree. Below her, a different bird was busily building its nest and tasting of fruit that was either bitter or sweet. Ms. IAmThatIAm was not bothered by such nonsense; for she realized that so much of what people worry about really doesn’t matter. Mr. Ego-Head was still talking when Donald Discerning signaled to Ms. IAmThatIAm that they might as well leave. They stood and quietly walked off stage. Stage hands soon appeared and began to sweep the floor. When they were finished, the stage manager turned off the overhead lights. As far as we know, Mr. Ego-Head is still there.


Special Note: What’s the point of this little drama above? My intention is to illustrate that we have a choice–one largely unrecognized by the masses–about what type of Being/guest we invite to be dominant in our life. We can let Ego-Head dominate, especially if we desire to listen to negative and meaningless chatter all day; or we can discover that deeper dimension within ourselves and live with the peace of I Am That I Am. (P.S. The statement “get a bead on him” at the forty-seven minute mark referred to a water gun…just in case you were wondering.)

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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Interviewing “Art”

The radio host’s name was Donny Jay, which was convenient–they called him “DJ” for short. Art Russell, who was his next guest for the radio show at WK-WHY-IN-THE-WORLD, sat quietly in his chair. Across the desk from him, DJ was wrapping up his previous segment. “As always, folks, thanks for listening. We just love to serve you here at WK-WHY; the radio station that brings you the latest and the greatest music, sports, interviews, and news updates from around the corner and around the globe. Our next guest is Art Russell, a man who hails from a small town in Ontario, Canada. He’s passionate about sharing his love of Oneness.” DJ disconnected his microphone, played a 15-second taped commercial, and then signaled to Art; counting 10, 9, 8, 7, 6….” And we’re live:


“So, Art–do you mind if I call you, Art?

“No, that’s fine–it’s just a name, right?”

“We’re so glad that you could join us for the show today.”

“Thanks for having me.”

“If you don’t mind, I’d like you to tell our listening audience a little bit about yourself.”

“Sure, DY, I’d be glad to. My name is Art Russell, from a little town in Ontario, Canada. I’m here to spread the word about Oneness.”

“By Oneness, Art, what do you mean?”

“That’s a good question, DY–one that stumps a lot of persons. It literally means not two–only One.”

“But how can that be?” said DJ, as he leaned toward his microphone. “I mean, it’s quite obvious that there’s a lot of separate persons and objects.”

“I hear what you’re saying, DJ. The key is that all of them take place in Consciousness–Universal Consciousness, to be exact.”

“I hope this won’t sound rude, but why do you want to spread the word about this Oneness stuff?”

“Because when Beings erroneously believe they’re a body-mind, they suffer. They’re filled with fear and anxiety about a future that’s just a concept in the mind. When more of us realize this, it will also help to end conflicts between people and facilitate peace among nations. Logically, if we knew that we are One, how could we ever go to war against one another?”

“What do you mean by body-mind?”

“That’s another term for a person, DJ.”

“I see. So let me get this straight, you don’t think we should consider ourselves as persons?”

“That’s right.”

DJ’s eyes rolled upward, his head slid askew. “So what do you think we are, then?”

“Souls, Spirit, aspects of Consciousness.”

“And…you can prove this?”

“No, DJ, I can’t. But our essential nature can be experienced–directly–if persons will take the time to be still. When we meditate, it becomes quite obvious that we can witness sensations, images, feelings, and thoughts. We are That–the witness. Our modern world has had it backward for centuries. We’ve been led to believe that a fictional substance called matter, which is actually rendered by the mind, somehow magically gives rise to consciousness within the body-mind. It doesn’t. Consciousness gives rise to the mind, and then the body. They both appear in Consciousness.”

“That’s quite the statement you’re making. Just for the record, you didn’t happen to pop one or two of those station brownies while you were waiting for this interview to begin, did you?”

Art smiled understandingly. “Nope.”

“So you’re also saying that matter doesn’t exist?”

“Yes, that’s what I’m saying. It’s actually rendered via the mind. Maybe a quote from the Tibetan Book of the Dead will help: Phenomena only exist in the mind that perceives them.”

“Wowsers, Art. Now, you’re scaring me! Maybe I should have one of those brownies.”

“You might want to have two, DJ,” Art said, smiling.

“This is pretty radical stuff you’re sharing with us.”

“Definitely is,” said Art. “Let me see if I can help. Have you ever considered how eyesight works?”

“Can’t say that I have.”

“Neither did I, until about ten years ago. You see, DJ, most persons believe that there’s a little “i” running around somewhere behind their forehead who’s looking out at a world.”

“And there’s not?”

“No, there’s not. That’s the fictional self; sometimes called the ghost in the mechanism. As far as the body-mind is concerned, it’s actually more like a camera than a photographer. Just bear with me for a moment and truly consider how you see…anything. When the eyelids open, light enters the eyes. Through neural and chemical processes, light is then translated into a variety of forms and shapes at lightning speed. What we believe that we experience as an outside world is actually rendered within the mind.”

DJ fanned his hands at the equipment and the walls of the booth. “So, let me get this straight. You’re saying that all of this is occurring within the mind.”

“Yup,” said Art, “that’s what I’m saying. Every form we experience is merely a representation. Perception is our world. That’s at the heart of the teachings of the Law of Attraction. It’s why we can change the quality of our so-called lives by changing the quality of our minds. We have absolutely no way of proving anything beyond it exists.”

“Have you considered visiting a doctor, Art? Maybe getting a little check-up?”

Once again Art smiled. “I know what this sounds like, DJ–it sounds crazy; but it isn’t. The world that you see around you isn’t solid. It’s made of light, interpretted as form. The famous Double-Slit Experiment proves it.”

“What’s that?”

“It was first performed by Thomas Young…in 1801, I believe. He was a physicist who set up an experiment to determine if light was a wave or a particle.”

“Fascinating,” said DJ.

“More research into the experiment in the early 1900’s gave birth to the field of science called quantum physics. Subsequent experiments found that light contains packets of energy called quanta–it’s actually the basis of everything in our world. They’re called waves of probability. Atoms, which people once believed to be the foundation of matter, are actually 99.999% empty space. They’re more appropriately called clouds of energy.

“You mean like this?” said DJ, as he tapped the top of his desk.

“Exactly,” said Art. “Everything in this world is made of energy–including our body-minds.”

“How can this be?”

“Because this–Earth–is a dream world. The ancient sages had a term for it–‘Maya, in Sanskrit, which is loosely translated as illusion. You might feel more comfortable calling it a simulation. Nick Bostrum, Elon Musk, Donald Hoffman, and Dr. Bruce Litpon are only a few of the many persons who realize this is true. There’s only Consciousness, DJ. It’s the only reality. Basically you can’t be who you think you are. The good news, however, is that you can recognize the Truth that you’re an eternal Spirit. You couldn’t die if you wanted to–only the idea of a person dies. We suffer in degree to our ignorance of the true nature of our Being.”

DJ’s eyes were as big as saucers. “Okay, folks, it looks as though we’re just about outta time. Our guest today has been Art Russell. We’ve been talking about non-duality. I’m your host, Donny Jay. Next up…”


Special Note: If you’re curious about learning more about non-duality and our essential nature, there’s an abundance of great books on the subject. Authors and gurus such as Rupert Spira (The Nature of Consciousness); Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now); Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (I Am That); Ramesh S. Balsekar (The Ultimate Understanding); Fritjof Capra (The Tao of Physics); Wei Wu Wei (Open Secret); Sri Ramana Maharshi (Who Am I?); and Joel Goldsmith (The Mystical I) spring to mind. To that list, i humbly offer my own book listed below.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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A Message From Source

“Source:” Godhead, The Fountain, The Absolute, The All in All, Noumenon, The Universe, That. In truth it matters not the term by which we refer to Source; for words deal only with concepts and will, therefore, always miss the mark. To believe that a name could actually “be”–That–which is Most High only reveals our innocent ignorance and creates a false idol. What matters most is that we think, speak, and write of That Which Cannot Be Named with utmost reverence. This article, which is intended for everyone, contains a message from Source that is writing itself through the form known as “Art.” Here, as humble servant, “i” offer the following:


“I,”–the only true Self there Is–do not see you as you see yourselves from your finite perspective. In I, there is no judging of greater or lesser, favoured or unfavoured, sinner or saint. As you are in and of I, how could I love some of you more and others, thus, less? To do so would be an act against Myself. I Am Love, Itself; and all of you are my spiritual children. It is only through confusion and innocent ignorance of the nature of your Being that you have erroneously believed that you are unloved, unlovable, or separate from Me.

It has been stated that I will never forsake you; that I will be with you beyond the end of time. Such is absolute Truth and you may know this–directly–now. You, space, and time are, in fact, in Me. Before all forms (of whatever nature), Am I. It is I That causes the sun to shine; likewise, your lives shine due to me. I Am the Rock of your Being; and you may lean on me for strength, love and compassion, and I will freely give to you. All, including each and every one of you, are in Me; it is, thus, impossible for you to ever perish. Through grievous error, you have adopted the belief that you exist due to the body-mind. Such is backward. The body-mind and the Universe appear because “I Am.” You are eternal, immortal, an aspect of That which is beyond the appearance of birth and death.

My dear dreaming children, please awaken to what you ARE. One of your great sages, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, clearly informed you that “To believe that you are a ‘person’ is to be asleep.’ You have become mesmerized with the world of form. You are neither the body, nor the mind; to believe so leads to tremendous suffering. We are One, Spirit, differing only in degree. Have I not told you through sacred texts that you were created in my image and likeness? I Am the ocean of Consciousness–all of you are waves in Me. It is, therefore, impossible to state where I begin and you end. I give rise to all that to all that ever was, is, and will be–for such is my nature. The world and all forms are only relatively real. The real “You” exists eternally because I exist. Lastly, my dear children, please know that you are loved beyond measure.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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Consciousness HumAuto

Dial: 1-111-111-1111. Ringggg, ringggg, ringggg.

“Consciousness HumAuto. Wrench speaking. How may I help you?”

“Oh, hi. I’d like to schedule my holographic human for a tune up.”

“Haha–holographic human. Is there any other kind?”

“Good one. No, guess not.”

“Anyhoo, what can I-Am-That-I-Am do you for?”

“My human’s been acting up.”

“How so?”

“Well, it’s always been a little problematic–but even more so, lately. It runs hot or cold. Sometimes it brakes hard and pulls to the left–as though driven by fear; and sometimes it suddenly accelerates and veers right–as though chasing pleasure. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that it had a mind of its own.”

“If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that,” said Wrench. “Sounds like a governor issue, to me.”

“Oh, and another thing, for the last forty years or so, I’ve been hearing a loud tick, tick, ticking–kind of like an internal voice. It’s begins when the alarm goes off in the morning and it doesn’t quit until deep sleep.”

“Is your human judgmental?”

“It wrote the book! It’s also got a really bad shimmy–seems to worry about everything.”

“Humph, it sounds as though it’s picked up an ego-stone in your hubcap. Anyhooo, bring your human in to the shop; and I’ll lift it up on the hoist and give it a good going over. How’s Thursday at 1:00 work for you?”

“Perfect. See you then.”


Thursday at 4:00. Ringgg, ringgg, ringgg


“Hi, there, it’s Wrench calling from Consciousness Humauto. You can come over and pick up your human.”

“Oh, great, how’d you make out?”

“Let’s just say that’s it’s a miracle you were still keeping that human of yours on the road.”

“You don’t say. What did you find?”

“Well, I put it on the dyhumanometer–ran a battery of tests. The harder I pushed that human of yours, the more it resisted. Timing was wayyy off. It was back firing regrets about the past, and belching fears about the future that made my mechanics blush. I did the best that I could to center it in the here and now.”

“I apologize. Thanks for doing all that you could.”

“It’s all good. The main problem was that your Spirit Reserve was dangerously low–your I Am That I Am barely registed on the dip stick. I strongly suggest that you knowingly fill that up again–but that’s up to you. We can’t do it for you.”

“Really? How do I do that?”

“You gotta get out of your mind. I recommend daily meditation, even for just a few minutes. Second choice would be to go for a walk in nature. Just be. That should help put an end to that shimmy.”

“What about that ticking sound.”

“I guessed that one right–your human had picked up an ego stone. That’s what was causing the loud ticking. Yeowee, it was a big one! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an ego that big. It thought it was running the show. No wonder your human was veering all over the place.”

“How much do I owe you?”

“No charge. This One’s on the House. Trust me, you’re doing the Universe a favour by getting your human in order.

“Thanks, I’ll do my best.”


Special Note: Contrary to public opinion, that loud and often annoying tick, tick, ticking commentary that your human makes, isn’t the real YOU. That’s an ego-stone attempting to make your life miserable. The sooner you regain control of your human, the better. Just know that it’s going to rebel. It’s going to tell you that it’s the driver; that it’s normal to brake hard or suddenly accelerate right or left. It isn’t. There’s a balanced way to live in harmony; but to experience that you have to find your Divine Center. A word of advice: Don’t waste time searching for the Center outside of yourself. Turn within–it’s the only place you’ll find It; because you are It. Your essential nature has just been overshadowed by the false driver that goes by your name and description. If all else fails, dial us Consciousness Humauto and ask for Wrench.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2021 – R. Arthur Russell

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