Muscleman Joe

Muscleman Joe was “the man” at his local gym, and knowing that filled him with quiet pride. He had dedicated a major amount of his time and energy to achieving that status. All of the other weightlifters and bodybuilders, both male and female, considered him as the epitome of their sport. He possessed the strength, bulk, and definition that made the majority of them stand back in awe. He was the king of the chest press, squat, and deadlift. He had lost count of the number of first-place trophies that he’d won at various competitions.

In Joe’s mind, he (not surprisingly) held a crystal-clear image of who he thought he was. In his mind’s eye, he imagined himself as a successful bodybuilder, a veritable physical legend. Unbeknownst to Joe, however, his mind contained various other images, which (having been unwittingly impressed with feeling into the subconscious mind) were creating their effects. Like the greater unseen portion of an iceberg, these contents were causing other areas of Joe’s life to sink like the Titanic. His personal relationships were filled with conflict; his financial debt load was heavy; and his career path always veered from success.

One night after leaving the gym, Joe got into his truck and attempted to start the engine. Instead of hearing the familiar sound of a cranking engine, however, all that he initially heard was silence. It seemed to envelope him and force him to remain still. Within a few moments, he became even more bewildered when he heard a soft voice utter the following words:

You’ve been attempting to live a lie, Joe. Mistakenly, you believe that you are a physical bodybuilder. Given the conditioning of your environment, it’s understandable that you would believe that you are a person and, therefore, the doer; but such is an erroneous perspective. There is only one doer, Joe, and I Am That. Despite appearances to the contrary, I Am the One who lifts the weights…through you. I also beat your heart and breathe your lungs. To improve aspects of your life that you currently deem a failure, you must change the nature and quality of your thinking. There is no other way.”

When the message from the voice ended, Joe shook off his disbelief at what had occurred and pressed the starter button again. The car’s engine started without hesitation. Shaken with puzzlement, he then slowly drove home and soon fell into a deep sleep that lasted all night long.


In the coming months, Muscleman Joe began to flex spiritual government of his mind. Meditation and visualization became a regular part of his daily routine. Just as he deliberately chose which foods that he included in his diet, he learned to deliberately choose which thoughts he allowed entry into his mind. No longer did he dwell upon negative circumstances. It became his ingrained habit to remain strong in his true power; to seek opportunity in every situation. By embracing a new vision for his future (through persistent positive thoughts, imbued with the feeling of having already achieved his goals), he finally turned his circumstances around. In fact, in some circles he is now better known as Spirit Man Joe.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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