Invictus Spiritus

Vibrantly resonant within each and every one of “us” is a brave and courageous heart that is formidable beyond compare. When human legs are spent, wobbling, and their aching muscles cry, “we can run no more,” it is Invictus Spiritus that says, “Run on.” When human lungs are taxed, wheezing, and their tired tissues gasp, “air, more air,” it is Invictus Spiritus that says, “Breathe on.” When the human heart is weary, failing, and its slowing rhythm threatens, “I can beat no more,” it is Invictus Spiritus that says, “Beat on.” This Invincible Power is the Substance of our BEing!

This silent, invisible, and eternal power, That, is the Greatest of All. It is the heart of all that ever was, is, and will be. To those who are lost in innocent human confusion and foibles, who claim that we are merely flesh and bones and can bear no more, Invictus Spiritus, calmly guiding, is capable of rallying strengths in us that were previously unknown. When we, in our human hours, claim exhaustion, and our mind seems a time bomb ticking with fear, it is Invictus Spiritus that whispers, “peace, my child, trust.” True Self, I Am That I Am, is indomitable.

To those who seek to recognize a deeper dimension of Self, please deeply contemplate the following two questions: If everything and everyone descend from Oneness, what distance can there be between you–whether knowing or unknowing–and the God of your BEing? Can you, thus, recognize your inherent Holiness here and now?


I dedicate this article to That in all of us; I salute IT in you, my spiritual brothers and sisters. May we strengthen one another in TRUTH.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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4 thoughts on “Invictus Spiritus

  1. May our brothers and sister across the globe, during this pivotal time, come to understand and know the Source of their true Being so that we may experience unity and peace.
    Thanks as always Art for sharing wisdom, which is our inherent wealth.


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