Observations of Terah

In a distant galaxy, far far away, there is a planet named Terah with a population of almost eight billion people. The people, who are of various races, colours, and creeds, live in compartmentalized sections of land called “countries” and usually consider themselves to be quite civilized; that is, when they aren’t waging war against one another in the name of keeping the peace. Terahlings are usually quite proud of themselves; for they believe they have advanced from the dark ages. Ignorance, however, can be a tricky beast to wrestle, because we are often unaware of its presence. This is the case with the majority of Terahlings, who, for reasons unknown, choose to turn a blind eye to the following:


Despite the discovery in 1911 by Ernest Rutherford (one of Terah’s acclaimed scientists) that atoms are actually comprised of 99.999% empty space, the citizens of Terah continue to believe that they live upon a planet made of solid stuff called matter, which they assume to exist independent of consciousness. No amount of logic-based arguments can sway their population from the reports of their senses.


Despite passages in one of their Holy books called the Bible, which states (in Acts 17:28) “for in Him we live and move and have our being,” Terahlings continue to believe that each of them is, indeed, a separate source of consciousness. Their argument is that it certainly feels that way. That David Chalmers, who is a noted philosopher and cognitive scientist, coined the phrase “the hard problem of consciousness” to refer to the unprovable assumption that neuronal processes of the brain give rise to consciousness seems trifling and unimportant.


Despite the best efforts of sages and saints of Terah, who claim that the “reality” of their lives actually occurs in the Waking State (which is similar to the well-known Dream State, in which people, objects, and events are also experienced), the majority of Terahlings choose to ignore such reports and continue to believe in their autonomy as “persons.” The irony is that by doing so they are denying the existence of the Creator that is the very Source of their life.


Despite evidence from science (The Double-Slit Experiment), which strongly suggests that mind is directly related to apparent objects experienced in consciousness, and that a world independent of consciousness cannot be proven, Terahlings continue to deny their divinity as co-creators with Infinite Living Mind and assume themselves to be mortals of flesh and bones.


The majority of Terahlings are actually prodigal, without being aware that such is the case. In the well-known Biblical account of the prodigal son, the son turned away from The Father (his Creator) and spent his inheritance with his attention facing outward, toward the apparent world. When his suffering related to the perspective of being a “person” became too great, the son finally turned his attention back toward The Father, which symbolizes turning his attention within, to the Truth of his Being. That same opportunity to investigate their essential nature is available to all citizens of Terah NOW.

By last account, life is much the same for the citizens of Terah–strife, conflict, mass shootings, selfishness, greed, and war. Of course, there is also a lot of goodness occurring on Terah; but for some reason, that doesn’t often get reported. One noted university professor of Terah, who preferred to remain nameless for the purposes of this article, stated, “Do you have any idea how much it would cost to rewrite all of our history books…and tell the Truth?! Don’t be insane!” Please note; any similarity to the situation on Earth is purely coincidental.

Dare to Dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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