Trusting The Heart

Because a person’s focus is habitually turned outward, the majority of us attempt to make our life “right” by controlling external circumstances. We do this for the sake of happiness. For a time, this superficial strategy may seem to work; meaning, we get the perfect relationship; we get the incredible promotion; we get the shiny objects that have attracted our attention. On those occasions when our strategy doesn’t work, our natural instinct is to push harder–stressing all the way. “Damn it,” we cry, “I’m going to win or die trying.” Most people inevitably reach a point at which all of their strategies fail miserably. It is then that the real work of living rises to the foreground. If we are courageous, we face it; if not, we often turn to distractions to divert our attention from the unappealing reflected image. This is the human condition. It is rife with suffering.

In our brokenness, when we have been unable to achieve the goals that we erroneously believe will grant us happiness, we may find ourselves turning inward–in the direction of the real solution to our suffering. There, in the depth of our Being, so long overshadowed by ego, we may discover that our essential nature “is” happiness, itself. We knowingly realize that we are the broad, deep ocean of Consciousness, not the apparent wave. As Consciousness is everything, It needs nothing to enjoy the glorious moment-to-moment nature of life. It is only the needful ego, crying, “I need this or that,” which causes our apparent misery.

When we see with clear discernment, we realize that it is not the desires which are of themselves the source of misery. It is our assumption that without their achievement, we cannot be happy. Through an erroneous belief, we attribute the source of our happiness to objects and circumstances apparently external to us. When we recognize our essential nature, we realize that no such mechanism is required. Thus, we are free to enjoy our apparent human experience. Here (breathe), Now (breathe), we may trust the heart; for in discovering our essential nature, we may live as peace and joy. We are not now, nor were we ever, our apparent circumstances. I Am is beyond the human tales that would attempt to define us.

Dare to Dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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2 thoughts on “Trusting The Heart

  1. A treasure to read. Thank you for your interesting lessons! 🙏🏻I just wrote a poem that has similar themes to your post. Very different context, but similar themes. I will share it Saturday.

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