One Serving One

In the late nineties, Joseph decided to follow his passion; he took a leap of faith and opened his small diner. By the menu standards of other restaurants, the food that he offers is basic–burgers and fries, hotdogs, chili, stew, pulled pork sandwiches, and homemade soups and biscuits. Joseph runs his business simply but efficiently. When customers arrive, they’re directed to approach the front counter, place their order from the overhead menu board, and then take a number when they pay. When their number is called, they return to the counter to pick up their tray of food.

In the first two years of business, Joseph began to wonder if opening his diner had been a mistake. On many days, the flow of customers was pitifully slow. Initially he blamed the situation on the fact that his diner wasn’t on a major thoroughfare; but then he noticed that the first-time customers who trickled in rarely returned. He worked long hours just to make enough to pay the bills. In his desire to “get” success, Joseph seemed to be failing miserably.

The situation changed soon after Joseph experienced a startling revelation about his essential nature. His focus turned toward “giving” each and every one of his customers a successful dining experience; which meant serving them the best meals possible in a kind and courteous manner. He wanted them to feel his love for them. In the following months, his business quadrupled; and many of the first-time customers became regulars. Family and friends assumed that his business had only been saved by luck; but Joseph knew the real reason:

For more than twenty years, Joseph has secretly whispered to himself when customers come to the counter to pick up their food. Although he outwardly calls their number tag (e.g. “Serving #17”), in his heart he knows the truth that he is actually “One Serving One.” He realizes that his customers are within him; and he is within them. Together they are a success. God in apparent form is serving God in different forms. And therein lies the secret of his diner’s success. As a result, his customers often think of his diner as a loving sanctuary, even more than a restaurant.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


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7 thoughts on “One Serving One

  1. Ah, ‘one serving one’. Beautiful! And that subtle shift in attitude/affect no doubt conveyed a sense of welcome, you belong, we’re here…on the Earth together. Lovely, Art! 😊


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