Jean and Jebediah’s B & B

Jean and Jebediah, who had been married for more than half a century, had operated their B & B in the Smokey Hills outside a town named Nowhereyou’dknow for the previous ten years. On this particular night, their only guest (a city slicker by the look of him, named Arthur) had arrived late that afternoon. It was now ten p.m.

Suddenly, Jean whisked into their bedroom and closed the door. “You are never–ever–going to believe what I just accidentally heard our new overnighter say on his cell phone when I was dusting outside his door for a minute or two!”

“Let me get this straight,” said Jebediah, who was propped up in bed, “you were dusting outside his room at this time of night?”

Jean’s face flushed. “My mother always taught me not to put off until tomorrow what you could do today.”

“I see,” said Jeb, with a nod and slow roll of his eyes. “So…spill the beans.”

“Well,” said Jean, as she climbed into bed, “Mr. Russell said that all the world really needs is love and more love. I mean–really! As though that’s going to fix everything!”

A moment passed before Jeb replied. “You know,” he said, “he might have a point.”

“You men–you’re always sticking up for one another!” exclaimed Jean. Exasperated, she pulled up the bedspread and looked idly at the ceiling.

“Speaking of love, “said Jedediah, glancing sideways at Jean, “you know, I’ve always found you very fetching in that plaid flannel nightgown.”

“With a lift of her eyebrows, Jean turned toward him and said, “I think you might be confusing lust with love, right about now.”

“Could be,” said Jebediah, “yes ma’am, could be.” And with that, they turned off the light.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2023 – R. Arthur Russell

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6 thoughts on “Jean and Jebediah’s B & B

  1. Love how you used the trendy, urban slang word “fetching” to garner yourself some street cred, Arthur..;) Wonderful piece, and I LOVE the block house!


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