“Job, Well Done”

Humankind has it backwards. The trouble is, it thinks it’s doing a good job. All of our human mistakes occur–and continue to reoccur–for two basic reasons: 1. We’re unaware that we unaware we’re making them. 2. The majority of humans are unaware of their higher nature. Due to our ignorance (defined as: lacking wisdom or knowledge), humankind is constrained to act in accordance with ways that it thinks are best. However, to produce the best results, it’s not enough to embody the best that we think we can be; in daily living we must express “Being” the best that we are. Only when we awaken to the Truth of our essential nature will our results reflect our inner Greatness.

If we allow ourselves to be governed by the finite mind of humankind, the work that we think we can do will always be somewhat stained by self-centered motives. Such means that no matter how good our intentions, we will still be ruled to a certain degree by human instincts and drive. No doubt, there is much goodness in human potential; but that is not enough. Only when we knowingly live from our Being will we create the best-of-the-best conditions on earth. The following illustrates the difference:

If I allow Art to perform what he (the false self) desires to express,

the work, even if only faintly, will bear the stamp of getting.

In other words, there will still be self-interest of the little “me.”


If the Spirit of Infinite Living Mind (the true Self) expresses Itself through Art,

the work will bear the stamp of giving.

This means that everyone potentially gains.

In the first example, we can see that the work will still contain what’s in the best interest of Art. However, when we live and move and have our Being in accordance with the second example, we–in human form–become a conduit to the expression of Divine Greatness. Deep down, all of us know when we’re living according to the second way; for there is not a hint of self-centeredness within the work.

At this point in human evolution, the majority of us are habitually expressing our finite humanity. Why? Because we’ve been conditioned to believe that we are mere flesh and bones. Our results will dramatically improve when we fully express our Infinite Divinity. When we habitually express That, which is Infinite in potential, and Glorious in actuality, then–and only then–will our work bear proof that we have knowingly climbed to the peak of our Being. We will then be able to look one another lovingly in the eyes and truthfully say, “Job, well done.”

Dare to Dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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5 thoughts on ““Job, Well Done”

  1. Art, I appreciate the idea of living from “our being” and found the examples helpful. A shift in perspectives that can usher in a life that is more giving, open, and inspiring. Pervasive negativity may cause us to draw in, from a fear-based perspective, but light can drive out the dark, especially when practiced by the multitudes.


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