Being No-Thing Incorporated

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“You’ve reached Being No-Thing Incorporated, specializing in the business of eternal IS-ness. My name is Divine Diana. How may I be of service?”

Caller: “Oh, hello, I’m Pamela Person, and I’ve been having a lot of problems. Everything seems to be going wrong.”

Divine Diana: “Your call is important to us, Pamela, and so are YOU. Please hold the line. I’ll just need a few moments to redirect you to one of our representatives.”

Pamela Person: “Certainly.” (hums the theme from Jeopardy, while waiting).

Divine Diana (speaking offline, to her co-light worker Heavenly Helen): “You’re not going to believe this–I’ve got another Being on the line who thinks she’s a person with a lot of problems. That’s four in the last hour! Heavenly Helen: “But our job here, Diana, is to help as many as possible.” Divine Diana: “Yes, I know; it’s just that even a spirit can only take so much.” Heavenly Helen: “Let’s put your caller through to Serene Specialist. She’s been with the company since the beginning; she’ll know what to do.” Divine Diana: “Done,” she said, with an affirmative nod; and she transferred the call.


(Moments later)

Serene Specialist: “Hello, Pamela, I apologize for keeping you waiting. My name is Serene; I work as a specialist at Being No-Thing Incorporated. I understand that you think you’re a person with a lot of problems. Would you care to share more?”

Pamela Person: “Hi, Serene. Yes, I’m definitely a person with a lot of problems. My mind’s driven me close to the edge during the last several years. I think many of my issues began when I felt a sense of being abandoned by my mother when I was two. Can you teach me how to let go of my problems?”

Serene Specialist: “Thank you for sharing that,” Serene said compassionately. “Here at Being No-Thing Incorporated, we really can’t teach you anything. Our main intention is to help clear up some confusion and point to knowing recognition of your essential nature.”

Pamela Person: “My essential nature?” said Pamela. “Well, my mother was a McFadden, of Scottish decent, if that’s any help; and my father’s background is a mix of Dutch-Irish.”

Serene Specialist: “Thank you,” said Serene, “but that wasn’t what I meant. To get to the root of human problems, we have to dive deeper into the investigation of true Self, beyond the apparent person. It’s called self inquiry. Have you ever heard that term before?”

Pamela Person: “No, I must admit that I haven’t.”

Serene Specialist: “You’re not alone in that regard,” said Serene. “Most human beings haven’t. The root of the issue related to self inquiry is misunderstanding. It’s a case of mistaken identification.”

Pamela Person: “Hmmm,” said Pamela, “sounds interesting. How much will it cost for me to get rid of my problems?”

Serene Specialist: “At the most profound level, such requires sacrificing every erroneous belief of ever being the person. I know that sounds strange, but it’s Truth.”

Pamela Person (perplexed): “You mean I’d have to surrender myself?”

Serene Specialist: “Only the beliefs of ever being the person. What remains is real.”


Dear Readers: The primary purpose of this article is to relate the following: There is a great distinction between believing yourself to be the conceptual “self” that is fabricated by the mind, and just BEING That which you already are. In short, the definitions “of” you can never be the “real” YOU. The idea that you exist as a “person” is just that–an assumption that has gathered so much gravity that it appears real. To “Know Thyself,” it’s important to discern clearly. With clear seeing, the quality of life that expresses through our “I Am” perspective in Consciousness improves dramatically.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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4 thoughts on “Being No-Thing Incorporated

  1. What a delightful post, Art—a very clever way to introduce the self to the Self. I always appreciate a good reminder about the truth of who I AM because sometimes memory tends to to be a wee bit short. Thank you! 😉


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