Family of One

There was a time, in my former narrowness of perspective, that I was practicing exclusion without being consciously aware of it. Through the love of my own family, I was decreeing that so-called “others” were excluded. Thus, “they” were not entitled to the benefits associated with inclusion. Such a perspective is deeply rooted in a personal sense of “i” who prefers to keep some persons close, and others distant. It’s the prevalent way of defining family in the majority of our current societies. It’s what leads to feuds between families on a small scale, and wars between nations on a larger scale. We’re so accustomed to it, that we accept it as normal.

It’s not surprising that this is a prevalent perspective, because it’s fostered by our media, governments, and the majority of families. It’s dispensed on a world-wide basis via a vending-machine mentality gone mad. Through our thoughts, words, and actions, we segregate and separate one another as though sorting conveyer-belt fruit into appropriate containers. You, the “Rockefellers,” belong here; while you, the “Smiths,” belong there. “Friends of the family?” we inquire, standing guard, as the poor, disenfranchised, and needy approach us and smile with their hopeful faces.

In a fell swoop of conditioning, we belittle or dignify; accept or reject. Our processing ability to divide and classify is outdone only by our capacity to judge. We defend “our” positions by hurling rotten tomatoes and or deadly torpedoes. “Out, out, damn spots” our minds cry, “you do NOT belong!” Gender and race, creed and nationality, colour and orientations–these are the tools of our biases; and apply them skillfully, willfully, and blindly we do!

What if, however, humanity could awaken from its delusional belief in separation? On one shiny, perfect day, what if everyone entered the stillness and heard the following silent words from our Creator’s heart: “Everyone is of me, the only Creator. You are One.” Would we not then turn off our minds’ judgmental system and embrace one another as family? Would we not then see with our hearts, instead of our eyes? Could we then look beyond appearances and comprehend our divine origin? We might even focus on building bridges of love, instead of fences of hatred. Oh, shiny, perfect day, please, please, please be NOW.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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