Sneaking Past God

When Troy Hooliman was six, his parents told him that God was always watching and that he should, therefore, always try to do his best. They assured him that if he did, his life would flow more smoothly. After hearing this news, Troy had at first been so frightened that he strictly toed the line. About two years later, however, he accidentally pocketed a toy from a department store–and guess what? Nothing happened. A wrathful God didn’t appear in the sky and wag a finger at him; and he wasn’t suddenly zapped by a bolt of lightning. Troy, thus, concluded that God didn’t really exist or that he had been able to sneak one past Him/Her. This lone incident led to a few more “found” toys being stashed for safe keeping under his bed.

In the case of Troy’s life, it definitely seemed true that one action leads to another. When he entered the dating arena in his late teens, he gave little or no thought about lying to Angie, the first girl that he knew physically. She desperately believed that she loved him; and he, in an effort to get what he desired, simply lied. He rationalized that no real harm was being done. This again proved to him that he had sneaked one past God without getting caught. Therefore, it didn’t seem to matter when he also lied to the second, third, and fourth girlfriends he dated.

Years later, in business, Troy repeatedly proved that his parents didn’t have a clue, at least with regard to how the “real” world operated. In his business, which was oriented to sales, sneaking past God was the order of the day. Lies abounded; and ethics proved empty of any real meaning. He rationalized that everyone realized this and secretly played by the rules of deceit. The world in which he functioned was competitive by nature; you were either a big dog who got the treat, or the small dog who got eaten.

All apparently went well for Troy…until it didn’t. In his mid forties, hard times came in his personal and professional life, accompanied by grief and a steep learning curve that left him desperate for answers.


What Troy didn’t realize was that the true Knower of “his” experience wasn’t a little “him” buried somewhere behind his forehead or deep within his chest. “That” which is the real Knower of his experience is actually God, aka Universal Consciousness, Itself. It turns out that there’s a good reason why Source is described as being Omnipresent–because It is! Troy is now learning new and improved ways of being in the world. He’s filled with a positive energy and wishes only to do good. The wonderful lesson he has learned is that the more good that he shares with the world, the more good that returns. Hmmm, someone should write that down somewhere (Galatians 6:7 ring a bell?)

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2022 – R. Arthur Russell

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6 thoughts on “Sneaking Past God

  1. Could have been my story. Great piece, Arthur. What most people don’t realize is that Troy’s behavior is normal and to be expected-from a scientific perspective as well. Living the way we live automatically produces degeneration and decay, which, in some cases, can lead to neglect, aggression, confusion of gender roles, and, in extreme cases, cannibalism. [See: Calhoun’s rats/mice]. This is why we desperately need a superior power governing our behaviors, and by superior powers we do not mean BIG gov’t.


    1. Thank you for sharing, Jack; I appreciate it. I think that the majority of us can relate to at least part of Troy’s story–I know that I certainly can. I agree, if we follow the path of the ego, we are bound to suffer. Yes, humanity definitely need to “know” Real Power, which is Divine. 🙏


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