Chains of Fate


Years ago, I read about a training method that is sometimes used to confine elephants to a certain area. The technique is very simple: When the elephant is a young calf, a trainer pounds a stake into the ground and then attaches a substantial chain to it and a clasp around the elephant’s leg. At first, the elephant–which is naturally curious to explore–attempts to pull against the chain; but when it does, the clasp digs into its leg and inflicts pain. Every time the elephant attempts to free itself, it feels the pain. The elephant ultimately becomes resigned and accepts its fate. It just hurts too much to attempt to break free.

This method proves most useful to the trainer when the elephant reaches maturity. A chain is still placed on the leg of the full-grown elephant–which, at this point, is big enough to easily break it–but the painful old programming keeps the elephant confined. How could this be? Because the elephant just doesn’t realize that it could be free…if it would only try.

You probably realize why I’m sharing this with you. It is, of course, for the parallel lesson that may be applied to humans and the goals we desire to manifest. All of us have endured painful lessons in life. And those lessons–whatever they may be–are still present in our mind. We may be conscious of many of them, but others are functioning at a subconscious level. The point is that they are still there; preventing us from reaching our full potential in much the same way that the chain kept the elephant confined.

Over time, we may have subconsciously resigned ourselves to the notion of a power outside of ourselves. Due to these Chains of Fate, we may rationalize that our dreams are impossible to achieve; that Life just didn’t intend for us to be healthier, wealthier, fall in love, or be more successful. The truth of the matter, however, is that we can reach beyond such limitations if we only realize that we are free! The past can only confine us if we fail to recognize our power!

Our true nature is that of unlimited potential, for we’ve been given the greatest mental faculty on the planet: the ability to think! We may also exercise our power to choose! Through our ability to think and choose, we may determine the degree of success we enjoy. Here–right now, this very minute–is our chance to slip out of any self-imposed Chains of Fate and take that first step toward the dreams we desire to manifest.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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    1. Thank you so very much, Ray. I truly appreciate your kindness. I sincerely hope that my messages will help people realize more and more of their own power, and their ability to create rewarding lives. Thanks again!


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