Give Yourself a Chance

Give Yourself A Chance

Because many of the Law of Attraction books that I’ve suggested reading were written over a hundred years ago, it might be easy to assume there are no noteworthy masters of the subject living today. Such is not the case. One of the most insightful teachers still presents seminars around the world, and has authored numerous books including Manifesting Change, Infinite Possibilities, and Leveraging The Universe. His name: Mike Dooley. He also writes daily Notes From The Universe; one of which served as the inspiration for today’s article. It concludes with these few words: …Chances are something you give yourself.

Do those words seem ludicrous? Can we truly give ourselves a chance? Or do you believe–as many do–that chances are external to us, beyond our control, and allotted only to a fortunate few? It would be foolish to deny that people who live in countries with better health care, better education systems, and come from wealthier families don’t have more obvious opportunities. However, history proves that such people often squander the gifts before them, perhaps due to laziness or lack of initiative. Often it is those who come from poverty and poor circumstance who rise and manifest the life they desire! And what is it that makes the difference?

Something within. A something that we might call a fire in the belly and a dream in the heart! An intangible something that drives dreamers to reach for goals even when the masses proclaim that’s impossible!  A something that drives them to stay up late, make countless sacrifices, learn new skills, pursue new leads, and relentlessly take action even when success is not guaranteed! A something that enlivens their faith, in life and in themselves. It is the spirit and vision of the dreamer that determines whether a goal with be achieved and made real. All of us were born with that certain something; whether we will act upon it, however, is up to us. The crux of the matter: Chances must be acted upon to hold any value! 

By taking a chance, do I mean visiting the nearest casino and risking our paycheque on one roll of the dice? Do I mean quitting our job–without another source of income–and hoping that our dreams come true? No, absolutely not! The point of this article is to draw attention to what Mike Dooley so wisely stated: that chances are something we give ourselves. What that means is that no one can say yes to opportunity but us; that no one will wave a magic wand and grant achievement of our dreams! We alone take the chance. Or not. We alone believe in ourselves. Or not. It is–literally and truthfully–up to us. Whatever vision we hold dear will remain just that–a vision–unless we take a chance.

Do you have a dream? Have you always wanted to run a marathon but as yet never around the block? If so, give yourself a chance; and begin a walking or running program (if you have the health to do so). Have you always wanted your own business, but been afraid that you don’t possess the necessary skills? If so, give yourself a chance; and learn more by reading books or talking with experts in your field of interest. Have you wanted to to lose weight, quit smoking, or learn a new language? If so, give yourself a chance; and believe that the achievement of such goals is possible! Then–beginning today–take one step (even a small one) toward making your dream come true. Trust. You will receive inspiration; and when you do, it is your job to take action!

So what is the take-home point of this article? Give yourself a chance! Take a chance! Make a chance! Act on a chance! And believe you’re worth a chance! If you’re fearful, know that you’re not alone. The greats of this world have fears too; they just acknowledge them and push through to victory! What is the worst that might happen? That you might not achieve your goal? Or that your journey to achievement might be longer or tougher than expected? If that’s what you’re thinking, now may be the time to ask yourself another question: What’s the best that might happen? And maybe there’s only one way to know.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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