Murphy’s “Law”


Most of us may be familiar with an adage known as “Murphy’s Law.” Several versions have become popular, but the premise behind it is loosely stated as follows: “If anything can go wrong, it will.” Many people believe this adage contains a fundamental truth; they may, in fact, cite proof of the law in their daily lives. Such people are not surprised to find the wrongness that they’re unwittingly seeking. Let’s examine Murphy’s Law and the Law of Attraction more closely through a day in the life of John:

Monday: It is a day like any other, at least for John. On the weekend, he noticed an advertisement for a 50% sale at a clothing store that sells his favourite shirts. The store is almost an hour’s drive from his home, but John plans to purchase three or four shirts to make the drive worth his while. His drive–even with Monday traffic–goes smoothly and he arrives late morning. He easily finds the shirt section, but he becomes frustrated when he can’t find the size he desires. He asks a clerk if there are more shirts in the stock room, but she replies, “All that we have are on display.” Without a moment’s hesitation, John thinks, “Hah! Murphy’s Law at work! And after I made a special trip!” On John’s return drive, on a side road about a kilometer from his home, he get’s a flat tire. He eases his car onto the shoulder and prepares to change the flat. When he checks the trunk, however, he discovers that his spare tire is also flat. “Humph! Murphy’s Law, again!”  To John, the experience feels so familiar: He expects situations to go wrong…and they do!

What John doesn’t realize is that the apparent validity of Murphy’s Law is dependent on his point of view! Without John–and his habit of negatively labeling experience–the presence or absence of shirts holds no meaning whatsoever! Further, if he hadn’t allowed his frustration to get the better of him, he might have asked the clerk if she knew of other stores, which in this case actually did have shirts left in stock. As for the flat tire, John is lying to himself if he blames it on Murphy’s Law. He has known for weeks that his car’s balding tires needed to be replaced. It’s also worth noting that if the flat tire had occurred on the busier main roads, he would have been at even greater risk of being injured. The fact that the flat occurred on a side road could actually be viewed as life going right!

So what may we learn from this fictional account? That Murphy’s So-Called Law could only influence John’s life through his belief in it! We may remind ourselves that beliefs which are habitually held in mind must come to pass! In place of Murphy’s Law–which is actually nothing more than a negative affirmation–we may choose beliefs that serve our greatest good! The following is a sampling of useful affirmations to help us deliberately create positive outcomes:

  • All of life serves my greatest good!
  • I act with courage and confidence!
  • I am stronger than any challenge!
  • Success is my birthright!
  • I can because I think I can!

We may learn many truths in our study of the Law of Attraction–one of the greatest being this: Life doesn’t contain end points. How could it? For life is ever changing. Nothing rests. Everything is always in motion. Steps are merely stepping stones to more steps. Had John realized that Murphy’s Law was up to him, he could have chosen to change his mind, move forward in faith (belief), and thereby create a very different outcome. Worth remembering the next time we’re tempted to believe in Murphy’s Law…or the power of a black cat?

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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2 thoughts on “Murphy’s “Law”

  1. I wait for your posts every week. Thank you so much! You are truly remarkable! I am now sharing them with other Human Resources employees!

    Caroline Monsell


    1. Thank you so much, Caroline! I truly appreciate that! I hope the posts will serve people in positive ways. Could you do me a favour? Could you copy Murphy’s Law and paste it in an email to my work address? The post is actually not showing on my system–hours of work! Thank you again, Art


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