Law of Attraction: Believer?


I have a confession to make: Although I write about the Law of Attraction, I was only a partial believer until a few years ago. Overall, the teachings made sense to me; and I could easily accept that I had created part of my life. But…when it came to believing that I had attracted some or all of the painful situations in my life, my skepticism increased by leaps and bounds. You, too, may have doubts. You may be questioning and wondering. You may be thinking: “Really? You want me to believe that thought is at the heart of what I’m experiencing in life?”

I share the truth regarding my initial skepticism for one reason: Because I sincerely desire to help people understand a process which–when properly applied–will empower us to create more fulfilling lives. The benefits won’t be realized, however, if we discard the teachings due to ignorance or misunderstanding. In such a case, the Law of Attraction will still be functioning; it’s just that we won’t be applying it deliberately. The decision regarding our beliefs, of course, is highly personal. If we just try to believe our thoughts matter–but actually doubt the truth of the Law of Attraction–we’ll attract according to that reality. For the teachings to have value in our life, we have to know they are true.

In my ebook entitled Hold That Thought, I include five Tipping Points that helped convert me to a one-hundred percent believer. The first tipping point relates to this: Please take a look around whatever room you’re in and glance at various objects. Can you find anything that wasn’t preceded by thought? A chair, a kettle, a television–for example– were all preceded by thought. Someone imagined them. Had someone not imagined them, those objects would not exist. The same holds true for a computer, a vase, and a light. In every case, thought came first; followed by manifestation in the world without. So?

If that is how objects–which had only existed as intangible thoughts in someone’s mind–were created, should not the same process apply to the creation of our desires? Nothing is by accident. Therefore, may we logically conclude that imagination is a fundamental part in manifesting the house we desire, better relationships, improved health, and greater wealth? The answer voiced by great men and women is a resounding yes. This knowledge–when applied–yields tremendous benefits; for when we deal with life at the level of cause, we may deliberately create the effects we desire.

We may also consider this: The inventors of such objects didn’t know how they were going to create them. None of them knew–beforehand–the steps that would be required to make their inventions tangible in the world. How, then, did they achieve their goals? Through conviction to their visions, and courage to act upon their intuition. In short, they trust that the Universe would provide. And the Universe did just that! Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have to know how. The way will be revealed. Now…are we going to take that first step?

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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