The Positive Approach


Prior to beginning our study of the Law of Attraction, we may have assumed we were quite positive minded. When we begin to monitor our thought patterns more deeply, however, we may be surprised to discover otherwise. Our habits of thinking–which are highly repetitive and often negative–didn’t occur overnight; they developed over a lifetime. These habitual ways of thinking are basically our way of being in the world. We’ll examine them more closely through an exercise in applied imagination:

The cable service for our television has been functioning intermittently for the past two months. In addition, we were overcharged on our last bill, for services that aren’t included in our cable package. Realizing that we’re going to have to phone the cable company to clear up the errors, we find the last bill and search for our account number. As we anticipate the call, we notice a subtle but troubling thought pattern arise. Our body tenses, due to negative past experiences of a similar nature. There will be conflict; we just know it. We pick up the phone, with the following thoughts going through our mind: Will the company representative give me a hard time? Will he/she be demanding and abrupt? Will there be a communication problem?  Will I be put on hold and forced to listen to that horrible muzak again?

If this or a similar reaction is actually the case, it’s important that we change our thought patterns–the sooner the better. It’s also important that we understand the nature of our world. Everything is connected; in spite of appearances to the contrary. No person is an island, independent of the rest of creation. This also applies to our thoughts, for they’re not limited to our own mind. We sense them, of course, but so do other individuals. We also sense theirs. This will seem more believable if we recall a situation when we felt bad vibes upon meeting a new group of people, perhaps under unfamiliar circumstances. Those feelings–or vibes–are real; and they are meant to serve us.

Continuing with the example: If we place our call with a negative mindset, our underlying attitude will most likely be sensed. We don’t have to know how–but we can trust that it will be. The company representative may then respond with a similar vibe, especially if our tone and choice of words reveal our underlying tension! Escalation of negative vibes can never take us anywhere good!

A wiser approach would be to take a few moments to compose our mind–first!  A few slow deep breaths may help. We might also remind ourselves that every call is a new call, every company representative unique, and every situation different. When we deliberately choose our thoughts, we ground ourselves in what is happening now–not what has occurred in the past. This leaves us free to respond, rather than react. It also attunes us to solutions available in the present moment.

Does this guarantee that our call will go smoothly? No! But, we’ll most definitely grow in awareness and gain control of our thoughts, our mind, and our end of the experience. The person with whom we’re communicating may be having a bad day–and reveal that in tone, speech, and manner; but if we remain detached from those vibes, the likelihood of having a pleasant and effective phone call improves dramatically. It’s our best bet in the situation. And who of us doesn’t prefer taking the best bet?

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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2 thoughts on “The Positive Approach

  1. Hi Art. I had to reply to this. I am on the phone most of the day in many different situations and practice this always. It is soooo true! When you speak in a pleasant and positive tone and go in positive , it is surprising how the other side reacts . You can tell when they say “Hello. How can I help you?” It is so scripted. Ask how they are, have a fun day, have a great weekend… It can change the whole experience and hopefully changes an attitude. C. Sent from my iPad


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    1. Thanks very much for commenting, Caroline. I believe it’s true, too, and it’s central to Law of Attraction teachings which tell us that “what we send out comes back to us in similar nature.” I think it’s wise to remember this with everyone with whom we interact! Thanks again!


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