Motorcycling My Way


Motorcycling has been a passion of mine for many years. It not only clears my mind but also makes me feel vibrantly alive–attuned to nature and the present moment. For individuals who desire to learn more about deliberate creation, I believe that the way I ride provides a valuable example of the Law of Attraction in action.

About four years ago, a paramedic colleague asked me if I still rode. I replied yes; that I had recently returned from an 18,000-kilometer trip. He then told me that his last call had been to a motorcycle accident involving a fatality. He shook his head and said the odds were against all motorcyclists. Let’s contemplate what my colleague mentioned about motorcycling. Is it not true that motorists driving cars and trucks die in crashes each year? Must they, too, believe their safety comes down to a roll of the dice? Would so many people venture onto the roads if this were the case? The teachings of the Law of Attraction have led me to very different conclusion:

All of us hold certain beliefs, many of which we’ve adopted without careful scrutiny for validity or truth. Some of them work for us, and some against. It’s just the way it is. With regard to motorcycling, my personal–and absolute–belief is that I will always be safe while riding. This belief is unshakable; I feel it at the core of my being. If I believed that safe riding came down to luck, I would not ride. Ever.

To be effective creators, our beliefs and actions must be congruent; in other words, they must align. If we’re thinking in one manner and yet acting in another, it’s impossible to manifest what we desire. Therefore: I check the condition of my motorcycle prior to every ride. Always. I check my lights, turn and brake signals, oil, tires, and horn. This routine actually serves to prepare me, as much as it relates to checking my bike. Further: Every time I set off to ride, I state an affirmation–silently (if surrounded by people) or aloud (if out on the road) that serves me well. Faithfully I say: “I am a safe, skillful, alert, and excellent rider, and my riding skills improve each day.” Do I believe this mantra magically keeps me safe? No. Here, logically, is how it works:

Through my affirmation, I’m deliberately programming my mind for the results (effects) that I desire. I desire to be safe; to be skillful; to be an alert and excellent rider. And every time I repeat my affirmation, I’m sending my clear intention to The Universe. By doing so, I am by no means suggesting that safe riding will occur by chance–I am willing it to be so. I perform my part by riding in a manner congruent with safety, and The Universe (which is always working for me–not against) fulfills Its role by informing me how to achieve the results I intend.

How does The Universe manage this? Subtly, in ways that I can neither plan nor anticipate. I have absolute faith, however, that The Universe will respond according to my deepest intentions. The way manifests spontaneously. I might be riding an expressway when I intuitively realize that I should pull over for a brief rest or a drink of water and a snack. I might also be prompted to shy away from a vehicle, veer to a different road, or check in early at a motel and call it a day. Unfailingly, I follow these instincts.

The point of this article is not to convince anyone to begin motorcycling; it’s to share an example of the way The Universe communicates. Some people may actually hear a voice, detailing action to take. Others may experience an unshakable knowing. Others, yet, may interpret a mystical meaning from a seemingly routine occurrence. Although the manner varies, the method is always of two-way communication. It applies to all of our intentions–all of the time. If we desire better health, we will be guided. If we desire greater wealth, we will be guided. If we desire assistance with a life challenge, we will intuit a solution.

This life is more magical and mysterious than most individuals may realize. Underlying all of it, however, is order, rhythm, balance, and natural laws. The Law of Attraction is just one of them. We may trust, too, that we will not be forsaken. Far from it. In fact, the more we trust The Universe, the more easily we’re going to ride through life.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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