The Agreement


It’s been expressed repeatedly in numerous books about the Law of Attraction: Ask.  It’s the first step in the creative process; and we fulfill it when we know what we truly desire–what powerful magnetic goal draws our attention. Prior to knowing, we are much like dust in the wind, being blown about by the vagaries of life. We yearn for more, though; for we are creators! We desire to have our deepest longing fulfilled.

And what is The Agreement to which I allude in the title? It’s an agreement between God (Source, Divine Intelligence) and everyone who has ever lived, is living, and will ever live. It may be summarized thus: When we fully, completely, and faithfully commit to a goal, Source will communicate the way for its achievement. Pure and simple and true. A condition applies, but it has nothing to do with being blessed or cursed by a personified deity. To believe so is a misconception, for God does neither. The only condition we must fulfill is to ensure that our goals are for the good of all–for God is in all, through all, and working for all. To ask God to work against Its own nature, which is only good, would be illogical. The agreement may also be expressed as a promise: God is always with us, and we will never be forsaken or forgotten. Ever.

We live this truth by placing a demand upon the Universe–by daring to believe that our expectations could actually be fulfilled! For many individuals, this may seem impossible to believe. Why? Because we’ve been conditioned to believe that the very Source of our being could potentially be against us! If this is our belief, we should know this: Demand precedes supply! Until we Ask, Source (which is an impersonal force) does not possess an impetus to create. Think: Regarding the building of physical strength, it is only when we place the demand upon our muscles–by lifting greater and greater weight–that more muscle and strength is supplied. We trust and Divine Intelligence delivers. Do we manage the actual increase in muscle, or does that occur as though by magic?

That same magic is available to us in every aspect of our life. No demand is too great; no desire too grand. All that’s required is our faith (belief) and action based upon intuitive nudges that we receive. Want greater love in our life: Ask! Want greater health? Ask! Want greater financial wealth? Ask! A new home, a new car, a new career? Ask! How, literally, could we ever receive what we desire until the  Source through which we live and act and have our Being knows what we desire?

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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