Four-Minute Focus


Until May 6, 1954, the distance of a mile had never been run in under four minutes. Think of it: four minutes; all to cover 1,760 yards, 5,280 feet, or 1609.34 meters–whatever terms you may use to define the distance. The point is, to cover that distance–that fast–is still smoking hot! At least for a human. The math works out to 15 miles per hour.

For many years, people believed that running a sub four-minute mile was an absolute impossibility. They believed that the human body could only move so quickly; that other, opposing forces, were somehow ruling against us. That belief stood–seemingly solid, impenetrable, concrete–until crumbling under the belief and ability of one man. That man was Roger Bannister, running under the indomitable power of his spirit.

There is a rumour that I’m going to use for the purpose of this post; it matters not whether it holds a bit of truth. Years ago, I read that in preparation for his famous mile run, Roger wrote a time–sub four minutes–on a slip of paper and placed it in his shoes. Just imagine how keeping his desire close could have helped him achieve his goal.

What I’m suggesting is that we, too, can write a note to ourselves…about any goal that we choose. In doing so, we’ll place our focus on what we desire, leaving nothing to fate. Periodically, we should look at our goal, drink it in with absolute faith, even if we’re unaware of how we can possibly achieve it. By doing so, we are exercising faith, without which no great achievement was ever accomplished!

Now, I ask you: What will you write on your slip of paper? Do you wish to lose a few pounds? If so, write an affirmation, phrased in the present tense, as though you’re at your ideal weight…NOW. If it’s more financial prosperity you desire, write that goal on a slip of paper and refer to it often. Believe that you have it NOW. Greater relationships? More success in a specialized field? Travel goals? You know what to do. Doing so helps bring the intangible to earth, where we may act to experience our dreams in the here and now.

While we’re at it, I think we, too, could well put four minutes (at least) to good use each day by sitting quietly, calmly, imagining the life that we desire. By doing so, we’ll be planting goals–like seeds of intention–into our minds. Through repetition, our subconcious will accept this new belief as fact, and urge us–through our intuition–to act in such a way that will lead to the actual creation of that desire. In time–if we are patient and hold faith–we will feel inspired to act without questioning. The more we trust, and act upon the inspiration we receive, the closer we will move toward the fulfillment of our goals. Stress, worry, and anxiety are the antithesis of faith; they actually–literally–move us further away from that which we desire to achieve. In any moment, however, through our power of focus, we may use our mind wisely and deliberately choose the thoughts we think.

Oh, by the way. The current record for a human running the mile is held by Hicham El Guerrouj of Morroco. The time stands at 3:43.13.

Dare to dream.

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2016 – R. Arthur Russell

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