Do “Something”

Do Something

I remember a period of my life when I held a very different set of beliefs. During that time, if I didn’t know where a step might lead I didn’t take it. This desperate need to know was due to a paradigm; which, we remember, is a deeply held collection of beliefs operating in the subconscious. It kept me shackled for years. By living that way, I missed out on tremendous opportunities; for steps not taken don’t take us anywhere. The good news is that I don’t live that way anymore. If you can relate, I hope this post will help you move beyond your fears and capitalize on the opportunities that surround you.

Now, I better understand the psychology involved. I behaved that way because I was afraid. Very. Why? Because, figuratively, one wrong action might lead me to water that could be over my head. I might find myself in a circumstance or situation that would frighten me, embarrass me, or otherwise reveal a weakness. Such thinking is from the ego; the false little self that is deeply concerned with how it appears to others.

Can you learn from my life lesson? Is it time for you to change your focus and concentrate on what may be gained by a certain action? Instead of what may be lost? Will the world truly come to an end if an action you take–which is a positive step in and of itself–doesn’t lead precisely where you thought it should? And isn’t there the chance–A Great Chance–that an opportunity taken might actually lead you in the direction of your dreams?

Such daring steps–action–lead us forward and nurture a much different belief system. They help us believe in ourselves, our power, and our indestructibility. Through and by them, we build faith: faith in our abilities; faith that we are stronger than any challenge; faith that we’re moving closer to the life we secretly desire.

Consider this: Would the sky actually fall if you picked up a pen and write the novel you’ve been yearning to write? Likewise, would dark clouds immediately appear on the horizon if you began to paint, sing, build, or dance?  We know the answer. It’s “No.” But, through taking action you would be displaying faith in yourself. Most importantly, you would be saying “Yes,” both to yourself and to the world. Do yourself a favour: Do something. Today.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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