The Mirror Called Life

Life Mirror

Through Life’s great natural laws we have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves, our nature, and our way of Being. Perhaps no law can teach us more than the Law of Attraction, for its power is unmatched. Although the teachings may seem bizarre to the uninitiated, they become clearer as we journey onward.

Through the Law of Attraction we may learn this: We attract–or create–in accordance with our habitual thoughts and feelings. We are to understand that external circumstances are not independent of who we are, but are actually reflective of who we are. This, in itself, may be enough to turn new students away; for we are asked to accept that we have created–on a hidden or subconscious level–the circumstances that surround us. It demands that we be responsible and investigate more about ourselves. To explored this truth more deeply, I’d like you to follow an imaginary day in the life of John Doe. It will be a day without the mirror called Life.

July 12th, a Thursday: Mr. John Doe–thirty-five, a family man, father of three, a carpenter–drives to the work site, picks up his tools, and begins his day. He hammers nails, saws lumber, shouts orders to his crew. He climbs ladders, raises timber, walks the perimeter of the work site. He speaks to his boss; his workers too. He eats, drinks coffee, urinates in the portable washroom. After a number of hours have passed, he climbs into his truck and drives home. When he enters his house, his wife asks him how his day has been, and he–with a puzzled expression–replies: “I don’t know. I know that I pounded nails, cut some 2 x 6’s, ate, drank, and urinated several times. “Do you know what you built?” she asks. And to this, he states, “I haven’t a clue.”

Now, as ridiculous and flawed as this scenario is, it may at least help us understand how life works. How could we ever know who we were becoming if we couldn’t see our reflection? As in the case of Mr. John Doe, who didn’t know whether he was building a bungalow or a barn, we would remain clueless about the type of life we were building!

A few questions may help: Are your beliefs about love building great relationships? Are your beliefs about success building true and lasting value? Are your beliefs about health creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle? Are your beliefs about prosperity creating a life rich in every aspect? Without the mirror of life–and the reflection found through people, events, circumstances, and experiences–our personal evolution would remain a mystery. In fact, we couldn’t evolve, because we wouldn’t know the results of our daily experiments. With this understanding, we may see that Life actually is on our side, for it’s teaching us! It’s the greatest teacher of all!

Our soul task–if we care to embrace it–is to positively evolve into the best version of ourselves in this moment. And then the next, and the next after that. As nothing remains static (science and spirituality both agree), we can only do our best in this moment. Thinking is key. It is integral to our expressions as human beings, and it is integral to the results we experience. Manifest wisely. The mirror called life is always reflecting.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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