Stake Your Claim!

Stake a Claim

Today while running some errands, I entered into a brief conversation with a young woman who was working at a clinic. When it came time to depart, I said that I hoped that she would have a good day. Her reply was “I will.” In those two words, I realized that she understood–and applied–the importance of what we are telling ourselves on a consistent basis. She didn’t say “I hope so,” or “time will tell,” or “what are the chances?” She stated–as though a fact–“I will.”

Deliberate creators realize–either consciously or subconsciously–that certain behaviours create certain results. They know that certain thoughts lead to certain actions, habits, and results. The Law of Attraction–simply defined as like attracts like–is functioning through every aspect of the process of manifestation. Nothing is left up to chance, for deliberate creators don’t believe in chance. An analogy may make this clearer:

Imagine that you knew of a parcel of land, beneath which lay tonnes of un-mined gold. The veins of gold were rich, and crisscrossed the property close to the surface. It would be easy to mine. Only you knew about the land, and the reserve of gold. And now a question: Given that only you were aware of the gold, who could be its rightful owner?

Until you actually claimed it–meaning staked a claim to it–no one could actually own it! Not even you! The point is that we must first claim what is ours, in much the same way that the young woman claimed that she would have a great day! She wasn’t waiting to see if life would give her a great day; she was creating it! She knew it, and she claimed it! We, too, must stake claim to the life we desire! If it’s greater health that we desire–we must claim it! If it’s greater wealth that we desire–we must claim it! If it’s a business that we desire–we must claim it! We must think it, state it, claim it, act it, and be it!

So, how do we do this? First: Focus; become clear about what you really desire. It’s your life; your decision. Then: Write your goals down in the present tense, as though they’re already accomplished, here and now. Begin with: I Am now……… (You might add: the owner of my first house; in a loving relationship with a wonderful partner; exercising four times each week). Make your goals as specific as possible. If it’s a certain amount of money you desire, claim it in exact figures. If it’s a career you desire, claim it precisely; e.g., a nurse, a lawyer, a plumber, the owner of ‘this type’ of business. And then?

Refer to your goals frequently, and by that I mean at least once a day. When you read them, imagine the experience of that reality; engage as many of your senses as possible. Next, confidently and patiently wait for the intuitive nudges that you’ll receive. When you do, act! Even little steps count, for they’re what move you forward. If any of this sounds foolish–or as though you’re denying reality–you might contemplate what’s really foolish: leaving the dreams and talents that are unique to you (your gold) buried for a lifetime! Trust the process. First, though, stake your claim! Your future depends on it.

Dare to dream.

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2016 – R. Arthur Russell

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