No Complaints


January 7th, Tuesday, 2:34 in the afternoon: That was the date, day, and hour that I realized the senselessness of complaining. About everything. Daily. Weekly. Yearly. It was a grey day; the sky blanketed with low-flying clouds that held the promise of a snow storm in the making.

On that day–having just overheard a woman remark about having not too bad a day, and a man state that the weather was terrible–I experienced a true epiphany regarding the Law of Attraction. It included insights into life and my own powers of creation. Suddenly I realized that I was–and had always been–the one labelling my own experiences. All of them. No experience came stamped with either Good or Bad, Right or Wrong! I–and I alone–was empowered to stamp the quality of my day, through the power of my mind. In that moment, I realized the insanity of wasting even one more moment of my life to negative thoughts, words, or actions! Awakened, I knew my habit of complaining had to stop!

Some people might ask if that has changed the quality of my life. Whether dropping a habit could help me deliberately create better days, more success, greater happiness? No doubt about it. It absolutely can! How?

My answer to that question may seem simple; but more importantly logical. It’s based on information I learned via a YouTube presentation by Bob Proctor, a man who has studied–and taught–the Law of Attraction for many years. In it, he stated that Nature abhors a vacuum. He also said that on the physical plain we can easily understand that no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time. It’s impossible. With this in mind, I also realized that on the mental realm, no two thought processes can occupy the same place in mind. Therefore: By withdrawing our focus from one mental habit–in this case, complaining–we are actually creating space for a new–more positive–mental process to fill it! Any psychologist will tell us that we do not eliminate a habit; we merely replace one with another

In the case of stopping the habit of complaining, it leaves our mind open to focusing on what is right with the world, instead of harping about what seems wrong! This new habit, if undertaken, also allows us to drop the limiting word should, regarding any aspect of a day. We hear it often from people, and may be practicing it ourselves: This should happen or that should happen; or the day should be like this. In place of should, we leave room for an attitude of radical acceptance of life–as it is, here, now, in the moment. Through this, we open a gateway toward peace and joy, with nothing having to occur but life itself. Insane? Far from it! Insanity is habitually giving our attention to what seems wrong (complaining), which thereby only creates more of what seems wrong! When we awaken, we realize that we are creators, who use focused attention to weave the fabric of our days and the pattern of our life.

Confession time: This article, as you may already have guessed, has been dramatized to relate a lesson. Have I really given up complaining, cold turkey, completely, forever? No, but a shift is occurring, and it’s strong. My focus–now and forever onward–is toward the positive. And only the positive! I have the will to do it. And I know that you do too. That’s good, for the quality of our life depends on it.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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