It Just “Is”

It Just Is

The content in today’s article is going to help anyone–whether curious about the Law of Attraction or not–create better life experiences. Guaranteed. The method costs nothing, is easy to use, and will bring immediate results. With a little practice, it has the potential to dramatically change our quality of life. I’m going to use a real-life experience to share my message:

It’s raining today; at least where I live. Grey clouds are hanging over town as though they might stay forever. They won’t. It was under these conditions that I ran some errands this morning. At the checkout of one of the stores I visited, the woman behind the counter glanced out the front window and remarked, “What a crappy day.” I replied, “Well, it’s raining, that’s for sure.” She made another statement related to ducks liking this kind of weather; and I left the store and walked to my car, the rain still falling.

I realize that such comments are often intended as fillers or conversation starters. That’s wonderful, for it engages people and provides an opportunity to share. Also, I’m not judging the woman as being right or wrong for her dislike of rainy weather; she just made a comment that felt appropriate for her. I would, however, like to offer an alternative way of looking at life.

We who desire to learn more about the Law of Attraction–and how to manifest better results–understand that what we’re telling our subconscious day after day, month after month, and year after year matters. We understand that habitual thought patterns–either positive or negative–create according to their nature. We realize, too, that underlying programming gives context to everything we experience. Telling ourselves that a rainy day equates to a “crappy day” creates a crappy day. It’s just the way it is. For anyone with this mindset, a rainy day will negatively colour many of the other aspects of such a day. This is logical. The experience has been labelled–as though carved in stone–with little or no awareness that it could be labelled otherwise.

My message today also relates to freedom. Such freedom–here and now–is available when we break free of the mind’s incessant need to label. Can we allow life to just be? Could a situation, event, or circumstance just be what it is? The benefits–if we’re willing to comtemplate them–are great. Every time we deliberately practice allowing, we’re marching away from the negative thoughts and feelings related to earlier programming. In time, such negative labels will fall away. In their place, we’ll discover–as in the case of the rainy day–that it’s actually possible to enjoy the day! The air will feel vibrant and fresh, cleansed by the rain that once seemed a curse!

As we dig deeper within, we’ll unearth more labels, which may no longer seem relevant to what is currently occurring. No one–including me–wiill deny that certain situations are more challenging, for many labels are deeply ingrained. Still, our new practice holds value. By detaching ourselves from our habitual mind speak, we may also discover our higher self, the witness. From this perspective we are grounded at the very core of our Being; rather than upon the shifting sands of effects. We’ll be capable of witnessing experiences and simply letting them be.

Can you imagine catching yourself the next time you’re about to automatically label this as good or that as bad? The practice has the potential to immediately transform your life. And with just a little observation, you’ll understand that a thought is only creative when empowered with attention. If you’ll give this process a try, you’ll find yourself attracting more of the good you desire. And you’ll have manifested that change from within. Consciously.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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4 thoughts on “It Just “Is”

  1. I love your point about making small talk. That lady though she was being friendly and commiserating by calling out the “crappy day” but that type of interaction just reinforces poor thought patterns. I catch myself doing this too, like we form camaraderie in complaining.


    1. Thanks very much for your comment. I agree, the woman was just being friendly. I just used the conversation as an example of “reinforcing” negative programming. I think our key to liberation is our own awareness of these thought patterns.


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