The Open Road


For anyone new to the study of the Law of Attraction, the teachings related to deliberate creation may seem confusing or even illogical. We are taught so much: that there is a Divine Source which permeates everything; that It is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent; that we should Ask, Believe, and Receive; and that we should habitually act on our best intuitive nudges. The subject of this article relates to yet another teaching:  Detached Intention.

What does detached intention really mean? It means that we are to know what we desire, and then release it–unworried and detached–and let the Universe guide us toward its achievement. The teaching initially turned me away from my study of the Law of Attraction because it seemed ludicrous. How–I reasoned–am I ever to achieve my goal if I relax about it? That, however, only revealed my own ignorance, rather than any mistake in the teachings.

The benefits of detached intention are many, but first lets examine the subject by way of an analogy: Imagine that we’re going on a road trip. We have a clear destination–intention–in mind. We have plotted your course, and have a rigid and unyielding route regarding how to get there. Day One: We set out driving toward our desired destination, and all goes well. We’re on schedule and happy, heading in the right direction. Day Two: We awaken at our pre-set time, jump in our car, and set out with our preconceived plan of how the day must unfold. An hour into the drive, however, we come upon an unforeseen roadblock. We must stop. We’re heading nowhere, or so it seems. We have no plan for such an occurrence; and it begins to frustrate us, for we have places to go, people to see, and a goal that must be achieved. With no alternate route in mind, we have no choice but to sit and wait. In fact, we wait so long that we begin to question the value of our goal. It seems so distant, perhaps not even worth the drive.

Fortunately, there is another way to travel, taught through the Law of Attraction and other schools of thought. Regarding detached intention, we learn:

  • That by remaining open, we may access the vast intelligence of the Universe. By comparison, our own intelligence is miniscule.
  • That by aligning ourselves with uncertainty, we leave ourselves open to discovering the best and shortest route toward our goal. Source–as we are told–will guide us through our faculty of intuition.
  • That we can trust life. In the process, we will foster patience and faith.
  • That the more relaxed we are, the more easily we attune to guidance. We will make an unplanned phone call, read a book unfamiliar to us, connect with someone new online, unexpectedly visit a tradeshow. Worry, as mentioned in a previous article, always works against our best interests.
  • That the world won’t fall apart if our goal isn’t met! Through this, we may gain a healthier perspective and become more grateful. Being grateful for what we already have actually attracts more for which to be grateful.
  • That being detached doesn’t mean being lazy! Far from it. Work is still required, but it will be in response to our intuitive nudges. We will plot our way–as far as we can see or understand–but we will also be willing to change course.
  • That contrary to popular opinion, life is not intended to be a struggle. Our misguided thinking is what often makes it so. When we become more comfortable in the flow of life, we will find our way more quickly and easily.

How easily we may convince ourselves that we know the best and only road to travel toward our goal. Such a practice, however, attempts to make the world–and the Law of Attraction–yield to us. The truth, however, is that we don’t apply the Law of Attraction but align ourselves with it! Knowing this, we’ll understand that the wisest and most positive way to travel is via the open road.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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