Positive Techniques and Tips

Techniques and Tips

There are times when we will come face to face with challenges. We may be feeling down or experiencing the valleys of life. During such times, it can be frustrating to hear someone–no matter how well-intentioned–say that we should just think positive! That type of advice, in fact, may drive us deeper into a negative mindset; for it can seem as though we’re being advised to deny reality.

However: Although such advice may seem hollow–even trite–that doesn’t negate its truth, when we interpret it in a different manner. Logically, we realize that we can’t possibly benefit from dwelling intensely on the problem. We know that for every time we think I’ve got a huge problem we’re only making the problem seem larger! We also realize that the solution cannot possibly be discovered through a problem-based perspective. The key is making a practical shift occur; so that positive thinking can offer real solutions. Below are a few techniques and tips to help make that shift occur when we need it most.

  • Wear something–perhaps a bracelet, ring, or necklace–that serves as a reminder to reach for positive thoughts. Consider inscribing it with a meaningful message.
  • Choose your friends and company wisely. It’s well known that environment–either positive or negative–contributes to how we feel about life. Since feeling (vibration) is integral to what we attract into our lives, it’s important to feel good as much as possible. If our friends are habitually negative, we may need to develop more positive-minded companionship.
  • Guard against the amount of negative news you allow into your life from all sources; including television, radio, Internet, and acquaintances. Replace many of them with inspirational messages and books. Consider subscribing to daily or weekly positive email reminders.
  • Seek people and mentors who are positive toward life and who habitually produce positive results.
  • Question your beliefs. Ask yourself if you must always react negatively in  challenging situations. Consider the alternative: Could you develop a more positive attitude that is grounded in courage, perseverence, and patience?
  • Realize that life is always changing. Therefore, challenging situations must also pass. They will eventually change on their own. However, their transformation will occur more quickly and easily when you live through a positive attitude.
  • Make time for you. Exercise, meditation, a walk in nature, and other enjoyable activities will help you redirect your focus.
  • Do something nice for someone else. This practice effectively redirects your attention from your own troubling situation.
  • If possible, live from a more detached perspective. View your negative thoughts as though objects outside of yourself–perhaps as clouds crossing the sky. With practice, you’ll be able to redirect your attention with greater ease.
  • Realize that you’re only destined to be a certain way in life–perhaps negatively focused–if you believe that to be true. New and better habits can be learned at any time. The key is to realize your own freedom. This is easier when you stand in your rightful place–as the witness of circumstances–rather than being mired in them.
  • Gratitude is a powerful tool to shift your life. Can you–now–be grateful for even one thing?

Perhaps most important is to allow ourselves to be who we are in any moment, even if we’re feeling down. The lows actually serve a purpose; for it can be through them that we are reminded to grow stronger and reach for better thoughts.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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