Right Mental Attitude

Right Mental Attitude

I’ve just finished reading The Ideal Made Real by Christian D. Larson (1874 -1954), who was a popular American New Thought leader, teacher, and author. First published in 1909, the book is still in print today, and I can understand why. I found it inspiring and informative from start to finish.

In  Chapter Five, Christian D. Larson wrote at length regarding the distinction between what he called Domineering and Harmonious mindsets. He made it clear that the Law of Attraction “is at the foundation of all natural constructive processes; therefore to promote construction, growth, advancement, and real success we must work in harmony with the law.” He cautioned that when a confused or negative attitude dominates our mind, we are actually resisting life and, therefore, moving away from the very power (Source) with which we desire to align. What does this mean on a practical basis?

This: In whatever situations we may find ourselves—including the most trying—we must do our best to maintain the Right Mental Attitude. When we do so, we are aligned with the flow of life and, therefore, Source. At this point in our education regarding the Law of Attraction, we are well aware that like attracts like. When we permit a confused or negative attitude to dominate, we are at risk of attracting more of that nature. This is detrimental for two reasons: It disempowers us, and also perpetuates more of the circumstances that may have triggered our negative attitude in the first place. The solution: To regain our right mental attitude as soon as possible. How is this achieved?

By accepting what has occurred—even seemingly negative events—and by making it our habit of seeking the sometimes not-so-obvious good beneath the surface of circumstance. Think of it: Isn’t it common knowledge that great men and women share the habit of seeking the good in every situation…and thereby finding it? We, too, may rise to their ranks! When we habitually maintain a right mental attitude, we not only move through the trying situations more easily, but also rise in character. And, as we might remember from the famous quote by Lao Tzu, character creates our destiny!

With practice, this will be our natural way of being. No more will trifling matters disturb our calm center. Old patterns of anger, resentment, frustration, despondency, and reactivity will fall away as we elevate our attitude. From that vantage point, we’re going to attract more of what we desire. And isn’t that what most of us are seeking?

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


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