Susie’s Going to Be Late!

Susie's Going To Be Late

“I’m going to be late! I’m going to be late! Susie just knows it! She can feel it in every fiber of her being. It seems normal to her, for she’s been late for as long as she can remember. She arrived late at her graduation party; she’s almost always a few minutes late for work; and she was even late to her best friend’s wedding! It’s just the way she is…or so she thinks.

What Susie isn’t aware of, is that it’s not by accident that she’s habitually late. The pattern of her behaviour began a long time ago, when she was just a little child. Her mother unintentionally reinforced the behaviour–those times when Susie was tardy to the dinner table–by repeatedly saying, “Well, our late little girl finally decided to make an appearance!” Her father also contributed to the programming by kidding that Susie would even “show up late to her own life!” Teachers, too, played their roles. Why am I mentioning this? To offer an explanation for the not-so-accidental results we may be manifesting in our lives.

There’s another point of which Susie is unaware: All these years, her subconscious mind has been eavesdropping on what she’s been telling herself. From every thought, word, and experience, it has formed the paradigms (collection of beliefs) that are governing almost every aspect of her life. Whenever Susie thinks she has allowed lots of time to prepare for work or a special occasion, her subconscious mind directs her to begin a minor task that will just take a few minutes; or convinces her to underestimate the time required to travel a certain distance; or trick her into forgetting to set her alarm.  It has a multitude of ways of delivering the results that Susie believes have been fated to her.

Susie is not alone; for all of us live with our unique paradigms. It’s part of life. And just as Susie knows that she’s going to be late, Elizabeth knows she’ll never find the man of her dreams; Ralph knows he’ll never be able to shed those extra pounds; Beverley knows her new business will probably fail like all of her others; and Tim knows that he’s an absolute klutz, especially when under stress. What none of them realize, is that as long as they keep reinforcing the same thought patterns, they’re going to keep manifesting the same results! They are–in a way–prisoners of their own lives; unaware that they are their own jailers.

For anything new to occur, we have to change our thinking and claim our power. It’s up to us. A deity is not floating upon a cloud, dictating that this will occur first, and then that. We are the impetus behind creation. It’s simple, really. Now, a question to consider: Are we going to learn how to think differently–and use our powers of imagination–or continue to be late for the wonderful life we deserve?

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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