Circumstantial Evidence


The vast majority of people are living from the outside in. Meaning? That they’re allowing external circumstances to determine–or dictate–how they think and feel. A good day is one in which experiences fall precisely into place–the way they should–or the day can’t possibly be labelled good. Trip getting out of bed, spill that first cup of coffee, or miss the bus, and many people are convinced the day is ruined. Little do they realize that they’re creating the results they expect…by the nature of their thoughts! Under such demands, an entire life may fall short of the mark. For instance:

If there are ample signs and symbols of wealth–such as an overflowing bank account, a big house, and several expensive cars in the driveway–people who live this way will feel rich. If there are trophies on their shelves, diplomas on their walls, and an office with a great view, they will feel successful. If they’re surrounded by a loving family, admiring fans, and a multitude of friends they will feel lovable. This way of being seems normal to most; for we’ve been programmed to believe it so. There’s a downside, however: It not only leaves us dependent on outer circumstances–which are changing from moment to moment–but also makes us vulnerable to great suffering when/if the symbols that define false wealth, success, and love are no longer present. In the extreme, it means that if the Cadillac rusts or is stolen, the office with the great view no longer ours, or a spouse or lover leaves, we must feel crushed. The obvious solution for people who live this way is to replace these symbols as quickly as possible. And so the cycle repeats again…and again.

We who are studying the Law of Attraction are advised to live a different way: from the inside out. We’re taught that all change comes from within; that circumstances and effects are but an outer reflection of who we are inwardly. Therefore, if we desire to experience more symbols of wealth, we must trust they will appear when we–first–feel rich within. To people accustomed to viewing the symbols of wealth as the true wealth, this will seem illogical at best. However, if we contemplate what a symbol of wealth actually is–perhaps a hundred dollar bill–we realize that it only holds value because of a shared belief system. The bill or note represents a promise only; and holds little value of its own. Think: Can a bill–the paper, ink, serial number, and seal–truly be wealth?

With these points running through our mind, we may contemplate a few questions about our own value system: Do we think it’s possible to place a value on health? If so, would it be priceless? Would we have much wealth at all if our health failed? And what of family and friends? Can a value be placed on time shared with them? Is it possible to feel wealthy by viewing a sunrise, a thunderstorm, a child’s smile? And what price would we place on holding our children or grandchildren for the first time? Or the last?

For those wondering how we can possibly feel healthy when the evidence reflects disease, I offer this: Concentrating on disease only creates more disease. We may counter this by envisioning ourselves as either healed or experiencing greatly improved health. Through our subconscious mind–which is our link to Universal Intelligence–we will intuit the right path. Surgery, medication, or alternative methods of healing may, indeed, be required; but we may trust that the way will be revealed. The key is to focus on our vision of health–not disease; the solution–not the problem; the positive–not the negative.

There are tremendous benefits related to living this way–the greatest being freedom! We may feel as though we’ve shrugged off the burden of chasing symbols, whose luster is transient at best. That we may still acquire great wealth is certainly possible; but we will never require such symbols to elicit the feeling of being rich. In fact, needing the symbols is the surest way of keeping the symbols distant; for need implies the lack of true wealth. A change in perspective can be a giant step toward liberation. We can have it all–health, wealth, and success. And along the way, we may also realize deeper aspects of our true nature.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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