LOA: Cause and Effect


From Three Magic Words, written by the gifted New Thought author U.S. Andersen (1917 – 1986), I offer the following quote: Inherent in every cause is its exact result, for effect is nothing but cause moving through space and time. Please read those words again slowly, giving them the contemplation which they deserve. When fully grasped, the concept may be the key through which we unlock understanding of our true nature, and also the means to achieve our goals.

Think: What if we realized our power? What if we knew our true nature–of being so much more than flesh and bones? And what if we realized that every step we made was leading us closer to the realization of our dreams? What if we knew–with absolute and unwavering faith–that cause and effect were intimately linked; so much, in fact, that they could be called one? What if we realized that to imagine a desire was as good as creating it–whole, complete, and manifest? And, as U.S. Andersen expressed, that only space and time separated us from experiencing its reality here and now?

The concept of cause and effect being one–not two–is not unique. It’s similar to an esoteric teaching called the Principle of Polarity, which states that everything is dual. Right/left; up/down; east/west. This concept may be more easily understood through a familiar example: Heat and cold, it is taught, are not opposites but poles–or extremes–of one thing called heat; the only difference being that of degree. We are figuratively asked to look at a thermometer and state where heat begins and cold ends, or vice versa. Of course this is impossible, for such is relative. With this information in mind, may we now at least consider that cause and effect could, indeed, be one?

The implications of this understanding are tremendous. Think: What fears could assail us if we knew the truth of this promise? What mountain could we not scale or move? What valley of doubt could we not endure? With U.S. Andersen’s quote in mind, we would know that our goal was already manifest; and that our vision, faith, and persistence is the price we must pay to claim it!

We might also remember this: First cause is always mental. Physical outcome (the effect) is always secondary. Most, if not all, of our worries and problems arise because we assume that our life is a reflection of the outer; when, in fact, circumstances are but a reflection of the inner. It is from within–where our true nature shines most brightly–that we access the power and potential to decree what will manifest in our life.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I’m glad you’re inspired. There are many noteworthy books on the topic, many of which are listed in the menu of my webpage. It’s all about empowerment. Thanks again!


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