Time for Change


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.” That quotation, which is attributed to Albert Einstein, is important for everyone who desires to create deliberate change in their life. Why? Seems obvious, doesn’t it? If we habitually repeat our way of being in the world, isn’t it logical to expect that life will remain fairly similar? Granted, life is always in a state of ebb and flow and changing moment to moment; but as deliberate creators, we desire to be the captain of our ship–our life.

To do so, we must first know what we truly desire. Until an interest becomes a burning passion, it’s unlikely that we’ll make the necessary steps to effect change. In short, our discontent has to become more stimulating than our content. Why? Because humans have the habit of embracing the status quo; it’s part of our safety mechanism. Our subconscious mind would have us believe that if life remains the same that we can let down our guard and relax. We feel that we know what tomorrow will bring!

However: This small way of thinking doesn’t positively serve our evolution. Indeed, there is a time to rest and enjoy the fruits of our labour. But so many of us may reach a point where we long for something more; where we intuitively realize that an ingredient of life is missing. Subtle feelings inform us that it’s time to expand and reach and grow. At such a time, we’re faced with making a choice: to expand in our awareness and live a grander version of ourselves, or shrink back into the old patterns that gave rise to our discontent.

Although the known world may feel comfortable and safe, it’s important to remember this: The known is not the place where we reap the benefits associated with change. To reap those benefits, we must courageously step into the unknown! We must rise–higher and higher still–and proclaim “I can, and I will!” Frightening? Scary? Unsettling? Definitely, but when viewed with a positive perspective, the unknown has the potential to make us feel more alive than we’ve felt in years! How, though, do we begin?

By paying attention to the longings in our heart; by taking time to envision what we really want! What dreams–of greater health, of greater wealth, of greater success–do we wish to make tangible and made vibrantly alive in the here and now? We might be wise to remember this: Different thoughts lead to different emotions; and different emotions lead to different actions; and different actions lead to different outcomes! Simple, really. Whether we put this into practice and dream our dream is up to us. Time for change?

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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