Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane3

With regard to our goals, do we believe that possessing a great memory, an accurate memory, and a quick memory could serve us better than a poor one? Would it not be to our advantage to remember the names of clients, directions to important meetings, and facts and figures? Would tests and exams not be more easily written through the use of excellent recall?

Often, though we hear people of all ages state: I have a terrible memory. I’m terrible with names. If I didn’t have a bad memory, I wouldn’t have any memory at all! Such statements–which are often stated as gospel truth–are in most cases nothing more than a bad habit in disguise. Do we really believe the memory we were given is somehow flawed? What many individuals may not realize is that by constantly reinforcing such negative statements, they are, in fact, creating that very reality. Bottom line: Unless we want that to be the case, we should not think, believe, or make such statements. Such is law: What we think about we bring about. It can be no other way, for nature governs us and everything within it through the Law of Attraction.

Does what we’re telling our self actually make a difference? Yes, a big one! Do we believe that golfers sink puts by continually telling themselves they can’t? Do we believe that financiers make profit by thinking about losses? Do we believe that students pass exams by repeatedly telling themselves they’re going to fail? No? Then why–logically–would we ever choose to deliberately program the thought of a poor memory into our mind? Is not the same principle involved? Once and for all, we must learn the lesson, and learn it well: We do not–and cannot–get what we desire by concentrating our thoughts on why we can’t! To replace the negative programming we may have accumulated, I offer these positive affirmations:

  • It (the information we desire to recall) will come to me in a minute.
  • I easily remember names of people with whom I interact.
  • My memory is sharp, clear, and accurate.
  • My memory is improving each and every day!
  • I have an excellent memory!

Will this magically and instantaneously displace years of negative programming? No, it will not. But if this method is put into practice–daily–beginning now, we’ll begin to witness a definite improvement in our recall. The key to improvement is this: deliberate programming and our degree of patience. When we allow memory to function in a relaxed state, the desired facts will often present themselves more rapidly than we might expect. Our memory is one of the most important faculties of our mind. Surely we owe it to ourselves to use it properly. When we do, we’re going to find it our willing and eager servant. Worth remembering?

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell

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